o7 airs Thursday at 20:00 UTC Oct 29 | EVE Online

o7 airs Thursday at 20:00 UTC Oct 29

2015-10-28 - By CCP Guard

We've just returned from an amazing EVE Vegas where we unveiled the exciting near-future of EVE.

So we have a lot to talk about! 

We'll get a line-up of devs on set to talk about capitals and structures, Sov changes, new ships, and 'Brain in a Box'...the next generation of performance improvements hitting TQ SOON! Of course we'll also talk to players and look at what's happening in the community.

Tune in to Twitch tomorrow at 20:00 UTC (that's EVE time) for fun and enlightenment.

P.s. We'll start with player ads at 19:30 and CCP Karkur will be there to give brand new Quafe Hyperion Skins to a few lucky viewers

Guard and Mimic are just sitting on the set like that because they can't wait