The o7 Show - This Sunday (Feb 12) at 20:00 UTC! | EVE Online

The o7 Show - This Sunday (Feb 12) at 20:00 UTC!

2017-02-07 - By CCP Guard

On this first episode of 2017 we'll talk with developers and show you some features and beautiful graphic updates we've been working on for EVE. CCP Seagull, EVE's Executive Producer, will join us with an update. We'll have player made videos and news from around the galaxy, and we'll crown a few winners for the fitting contest we challenged you with recently.

We asked for your favorite unconventional fit for a tech 1 cruiser and were blown away by the reception! We got around 300 fits submitted and for this episode we'll pick out a few that we like and talk about them.

CCP Guard and CCP Rise were impressed by the fitting creativity

As always the best part of the show is you guys keeping the party going in chat...and we look forward to seeing you all there!

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_The o7 Show is an EVE talk show produced and hosted by EVE developers and aired monthly from our headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland. It shines a spotlight on EVE's development and the amazing things EVE players do in and around space every day.  _