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Offgamers warning!

2008-07-23 - By Svarthol

We have had a number of cases recently with hacked accounts and similar issues and we have found that a lot of them are directly connected to a certain website. This website sells ISK and supposedly EVE Time Codes (ETCs), though the ETCs always turn out to be faulty or already used. Players that go to this website and do business with them are running a very high risk of getting keyloggers placed on their system and subsequently having their EVE accounts hacked, and ISK and assets removed. Customer Support cannot correct damages that result from problems with the security of username and passwords. We strongly urge everyone to keep their virus protection up to date and stay away from dodgy ISK seller websites.

Buying ISK for real money is a EULA violation and it most certainly is not a victimless crime. The ISK selling “business” is run by hackers, credit card fraudsters and this sort of rabble and the damages this causes can be enormous.

Buying ETCs from retailers other than the official ones listed on our website is also not recommended as it may involve serious security risks. There are many offers out there to purchase ETCs far below the regular prices – sadly it is a fact that if it looks too good to be true, it usually is – so please use the official ETC retailers.