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Omir Sarikusa amused at CONCORD’s claims

2005-07-19 - By Svarthol

Blood Raider Covenant’s commander, Omir Sarikusa, reacted to CONCORD’s claims of having identified Doriam II’s assassins with scorn, “I find it hard to believe that the notoriously incompetent DED investigators managed to solve this ‘mystery’ in such a short time” he said during a short subspace transmission.

Sarikusa continued, “This shows yet again the false ways of the Empire. They’re obviously losing control. Fearing upheaval at the lack of news on the matter, the Council decided to broadcast this blatant lie to maintain its meagre power.”

Probed about the recent Blood Raider retreat in Delve space, he commented, “It was part of a reorganization plan we put in motion long ago. From here we’ll be able to plan even more devastating attacks on our enemies. With the Empire headless, as it is now, there will be no more obstacles on our path.”

DED officials tried to trace the source of the transmission, but all their efforts came to a halt just outside Khanid Space. Amarr Navy officials dismissed Sarikusa’s claims as “Meaningless threats after their utter defeat in Sahtogas, the citizens of our glorious Empire need not to worry anymore about them”.