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On Recent Allegations

2007-02-09 - By CCP t20

As you might have read and heard, there were recently some allegations posted regarding developer misconduct that basically come down to:

  • Developers helping (an) alliance(s) gain information they otherwise would not have.
  • Developers having an unfair advantage of game mechanics.
  • Developers helping themselves acquire goods in-game by means of in-house tools, otherwise not available to regular players.

All allegations mentioned above are untrue, except one. Sadly enough, the allegation regarding unlawfully obtained blueprints are, in my case, true. I’m here, laying out the facts of what happened in June 2006 so this whole issue -- which jeopardized my colleagues, my company and our community -- can be put behind us, I hope for the better.

The blueprints in question will be returned to CCP and reintroduced through a new raffle in the future. Specifically, these are:

  • Flameburst Precision Light Missile Blueprint
  • Phalanx Rage Rocket Blueprint
  • Havoc Fury Heavy Missile Blueprint
  • Bloodclaw Fury Light Missile Blueprint
  • Spike L Blueprint
  • Sabre Blueprint

Regrettably, my actions inevitably led to a shadow of suspicion being cast on a number of my co-workers, as well as Reikoku and Band of Brothers. I wish to make it clear that I acted alone and my co-workers and corp/alliance mates have been cleared of any alleged wrongdoing.

As much as this is a confession it is also a request for your forgiveness for events of which I’m truly sorry.