One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important. | EVE Online

One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important.

2006-06-14 - By CCP Oveur

Bertrand Russel said that. He also said "Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric." Now I really got worried.

Anyways. We've been doing terribly important work here at CCP the last weeks. Not only did the China Open Beta start with 33.000 PCU (Peak Concurrent Users), we're now up to more than 360.000 registrations there!

Our Kali team is also moving along nicely. The Kali code branch is benefitting from the server and client optimizations done for the China launch, some of which we've even been able to port back to the Blood code branch and will deploy as server hotfixes to TQ over the next weeks.

In addition to all the fixes and improvements found in the Kali branch, there are some features which are beginning to show up. Contracts are mostly finished on the server side, UI work commencing. New System Scanning and the Seamless Zoom are in the works, which are required for the Exploration server side to finish. Invention is also in there, coding done, Clover and Hammerhead working on authoring all the rules and content for it.

Talking about content and features, Combat Boosters are in, their UI being finalized and Tux has been balancing the boosters themselves. The great thing about Combat Boosters is that they involve eight 0.0 COSMOS regions, which each contain the unique ingredients for the Boosters.

They are harvested via locations you need to explore to find then processed in Starbases and hacking used to acquire the recipies and knowledge. This includes a number of agent in space sites and a lot of Complexes. All quite nice, and of course terribly important.

And about regions. The 8 new ones are now getting resource distribution, their rogue NPCs being authored, backstory worked on and some other nice twist. What I'm most looking forward to here is that it has no NPC stations, this area of space will be built up by players. Now I just need to get my other 1489 player infrastructure and sovereignty features in and we're all good!

Lets not forget our ship pimping! We still haven't found a suiteable name for it. Is it ship upgrades? Modding? That's both confusable with modules or the upgrade skills.

Ship Furtherance was quickly ruled out as overboard by LeMonde, after which Hammerhead decided Ship Betterments and Ship Ameliorations were probably out too. Interestingly enough, it was Zrakor which suggested Ship Boobies. Hammer like it of course.

Clover and Hammer are also working on these babies, which all come from Salvaging, the new mini-profession. Authoring has started, we're now just waiting for the code snippets, UI and the ship wreck models.

Hammer and Mike have started working on corporation improvements, many of whom stem from this thread. Some of those are cans of worms of varying degree - and of course all terribly important!

Now I'm sure you're all screaming "DETAILS!!11" but this is not the place for that, the individual developers will be covering those later on.

TQ is getting it's database update (the information listed after the red text) on Tuesday, 20 June, if testing on Singularity goes well. We call this "static data" because of the nature of the data. We weren't able to do this because of technical problems and data drift but we've sorted that out now. We're also testing the optimization hotfixes there so Sisi will be going a bit up and down for updates.

All terribly important. But that's just my opinion.