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Opux Yacht destroyed - Concord baffled

2005-03-23 - By Svarthol

Yulai, Sanctum, Genesis.. Late last night tragedy struck an Opus Luxury Yacht which was performing a tour around the system of Yulai. Without warning or apparent provocation a man who has since been identified as Hol Hignotta opened fire on the yacht which had been christened the Seven Seas.

The Seven Seas had been hired by high ranking executives from 3 of the most prominent corporations from the Minmatar Republic. According to officials from the Yulai Search and Rescue team there were 22 dead bodies found, many of which were unidentifiable due to explosive decompression and had to be sent off for DNA analysis. So far only 12 of them have been identified as members of the corporations that had hired the yacht.

Black box recordings indicate that the yacht was attacked without warning from the rogue pilot, and it was the very swiftness of this attack that left the yachts pilot with insufficient time to warn any one onboard before it was too late. The first distress signal from the Seven Seas was received just a few seconds before its warp drive detonated, the fail-safes being completely overwhelmed by the stress they were put under.

All 5 states, including concord, have stated that they know nothing about Hol Hignotta. With such little information the motives behind the attack are also unknown. The local communication network managed to capture just one transmission from the pilot, stating simply "Greetings Seven Seas. I’m Hol Hignotta. I just wanted to say Goodbye." Mere seconds after that transmission the Seven Seas was destroyed, in an explosion so violent it could be seen from the other side of the solarsystem.

Concord were unable to track down Hignotta before he escaped. They have admitted that he was most probably very well prepared for this attack, which is why he managed to eluded them. The last trace of his movements was a stargate jump into Lustrevik.

The lack of any leads on this high profile case has caused Concord to take the unusual step of appealing to all pilots and citizens for help with this statement: "Any leads which can lead to the apprehension of this murderer will be duly rewarded, we cannot allow criminals to just act how they will in the very diplomatic heart of our galaxy".

The reasons for the special cruise in Yulai have been kept a tightly held secret by the relevant corporations but their embarrassment and fury over Hol Hignottas actions are evident.