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Order of St. Tetrimon Condemns Pilot for Heresy

2006-09-05 - By Svarthol

Grand Master Horm of the Order of St. Tetrimon excommunicated an Amarrian pilot for heretical acts against the Order and the Amarr Empire earlier this week. The pilot, Revan Neferis, recently sought redemption from the Order but was unable to complete the conditions for a full pardon according to Horm's judgement. The Grand Master then condemned Revan "...to burn in the pits of damnation and heresy."

Revan Neferis was originally condemned as part of the Tetrimon Order's denouncement of the Verisum family as heretics. The Grand Master announced that the Verisum Family had committed several crimes against the Empire and the Order, including threatening pilots of the Order, flying alongside known enemies of the Empire, feuding with Imperial loyalist forces, and releasing private communications into the public domain. Most of the Verisum Family refused the Grand Master's offers of redemption, but Revan Neferis decided to seek a pardon from the Order.

In an announcement sent over the GalNet last week Horm outlined several conditions for Revan to fulfil in order to achieve the pardon. Horm also addressed those who wondered why Revan was even being considered for a pardon stating that, "...redemption has happened to those that some would deem unworthy in the past. The actions committed, while severe are nothing that cannot be undone. I consider the conditions above being met in full to be undoing most of the damage she's caused and therefore worthy of at least a Pardon on the charges of heresy.” The Grand Master then went on to add a further condition, “If she obtains it, I hope she will continue to walk the proper path that these conditions were meant to put her on. If she does not, then may God have mercy on her soul."

Revan soon released her own statement, announcing her progress on each demand set forth by the Grand Master. Within a week she was able to complete all of the Order's conditions, but according to Horm, the spirit of the law was not being followed. "The way in which you have met these demands is simply unacceptable, you feel nothing and it truly does show," Horm stated. "There is clearly nothing left in your body but heresy, damnation, and lies."

In response to the incident, the Verisum Family has declared war on the Order, and Horm has since banned the entire family from Tetrimon public channels. Lady Neferis, no longer able to pursue a pardon, has resumed her position within the Verisum Family.

The actions of the Order have received some criticism from political and religious experts. Professor Telm Nadar, a social sciences teacher at Hedion University commented that, "Such strict behaviour towards capsuleers should be frowned upon as it will eventually drive them away." Nadar went on to suggest that the Grand Master should have been more lenient, citing that “It is important to maintain positive relations with the capsuleers. History has shown that entities strong enough to fund their own, albeit small, military factions can make life very difficult for organizations in desperate need for support ."

What Nadar means by this exactly is unknown, though many think it to point towards a possible dissatisfaction within the Theology, or even the Privy, Council regarding the actions of the Cult.