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ORE Convoy stranded in notorious pirate trade route.

2005-02-20 - By Svarthol

The ORE Syndicate, the largest mining corporation in the galaxy was in trouble earlier this week, when the escort for a convoy of their industrial ships, heading out of the syndicate region failed to turn up.

The Mordus legion fighters have a contractual agreement with ORE to protect their industrial convoys from attacks by serpentis and other pilots who frequent the syndicate region, according to ORE spokespeople this is the first time that they have not shown up at the appointed time. They are taking this breach of contract very seriously and are said to be enquiring as to the cause.

Desperate for an escort on the hazardous run however, the industrial pilots took a leap of faith and recruited an escort from the pilots in the local communication channel, most of whom were from Supremecy corporation.

The fears of the industrial pilots were well founded however. In K5-JRD the convoy was attacked by a contingent of Serpentis pilots. The battle was over quickly. The forces of the convoy completely overwhelming the surprised Serpentis attack squad. There were no more attempts made to attack the convoy after that.

The convoy safely made it back to Poiton and they wasted no time in informing their superiors of the situation. Had it not been for the actions of these pilots then the Serpentis corporation would have triumphed, placing a harsh blow into OREs syndicate operations. ORE has expressed their gratitude to the escort pilots, praising their bravery in what was an highly unusual situation.