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Otro Gariushi defends Dark Amarr deal - claims chips improve slaves' lives

2004-03-23 - By Svarthol

Otro Gariushi, CEO of Ishukone Corporation, has publicly defended the deal his company made with the Khanid Kingdom regarding the controversial Transcranial Microcontrollers. Ishukone has received considerable flak for selling a product it knows will be used on slaves. But Gariushi has dismissed these criticisms as pure infantile babble. “Like every corporation, Ishukone has responsibilities towards its stockholders to be profitable, that’s the only reason for our existence.” Gariushi is quoted as saying. “No matter what we may feel on a personal level, that is the main duty of us that run the company.” He continued: “What usage our clientele make of our products is none of our concern - do armaments manufactures care what their weapons will be used for? Of course not. Such scruples have no place in the modern business world and companies pursuing them deserve to perish. Besides, in my opinion the chips are a great gift for slaves, giving them happiness they would otherwise never experience.”

Gariushi also talked about the relations Ishukone and the Khanid Kingdom have enjoyed in the past. “We have dealt with the Dark Amarrians for years now and regard them as one of our most cherished customers. All our dealings have been totally harmonious and there are several cases where they’ve literally saved our ass in difficult situations, such as when Crielere was being built.” Gariushi was unwilling to expound on what exactly Dark Amarr had done for Ishukone in Crielere, only reiterating that Ishukone and Dark Amarr enjoyed a close and fruitful relationship that would surely flourish even further in the future.