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Pandemic Legion Titan is Destroyed

2012-03-20 - By Svarthol

Amamake, Heimatar - A few nights ago, a mixed fleet of Faction Warfare capsuleers, mostly in dreadnaughts and battleships, ambushed and destroyed a Pandemic Legion titan in Amamake.

The planning itself was done in secrecy – only the planners themselves, Tekitha and Lock Out of Shadows of the Federaion and First General of Wolfsbrigade, along with a few trusted aides were informed of the plan, with the hope that it would help keep details of the attack from Pandemic Legion’s spy network.

Most of the members of the 85-man fleet did not know the full plan even as they set off for the selected locations and found ships waiting for them there. Before long they were rewarded with a sighting of a titan.

Cloaked ships suddenly lit off cynosaural beacons, a titan jump bridge was established and the fleet jumped in to attack the Erebus.

That part of the plan can be said to have gone off perfectly. Unfortunately a large contingent of the Pandemic Legion fleet was only one jump away, waiting for their scouts to report a target, and most of the combined Shadows of the Federation and Wolfsbrigade fleet was destroyed in short order.

When asked for comment on the destruction of their fleet,Tekitha had the following to say: "I'd say 30 insured dreads is less than 30 billion ISK lost, the titan alone was worth triple that."

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