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Patch notes for Aegis

2015-07-09 - By CCP Phantom

Patch notes for Aegis 1.2
Release on Thursday, July 9, 2015

Features & Changes:


  • Turrets and launchers on T3 Strategic Cruisers are now rendered with the correct hull materials.



  • The Hecate can now be insured.

User Interface:

  • The "Flight Time Bonus" attribute appears now correctly in the module attributes.
  • Market groups for new Missile Guidance modules have been fixed.
  • The market group icons for Weapon Upgrades, Ballistic Control Systems, Missile Guidance Computers and Missile Guidance Enhancers have been updated.

Patch notes for Aegis 1.1
Release on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Features & Changes:

User Interface:

  • The overview and bracket icons for friendly NPCs are now teal colored




  • The new items introduced in Aegis 1.0 (such as Missile Guidance Computer I blueprint and Gallente Tactical Destroyer skill book) are now properly seeded on the market.
  • Manufacturing materials for Missile Guidance Enhancer II and Missile Guidance Computer II changed to require corresponding Tech I modules and correct racial moon materials and invention skills.


  • Rogue Drones now pay bounties like regular murderous space faring factions do.

User Interface:

  • The 'Flight Time Bonus' attribute is visible again in the attribute tabs for modules.
  • Variations have been added to all Missile Guidance Computers and Missile Guidance Enhancers.
  • The 'Traits' tab is ordered properly again.

Patch notes for Aegis 1.0
Released on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Features & Changes:


  • The Aegis Theme Song has been released.
  • Audio effects for Dungeon assets have been added and updated.


  • The presence of Unidentified Wormholes has reportedly been increased.


  • The final stages of V3 renovations have concluded, updating all environmental assets to modern shaders and standards.  
  • The Cerberus has been redesigned using the new Caracal hull as a base.
  • Turrets now always color-coordinate with the ship on which they are fitted.


  • RU: Terminology and formatting has been updated for all subsystem descriptions.


  • Two new modules types are now availble: Missile Guidance Computers and Missile Guidance Enhancers. More info can be found here.
  • The bonuses from missile guidance modules and missile rigs to explosion radius and explosion velocity are now stacking penalized.


  • Drone Damage Amplifiers, the Ishtar, and the Tempest have been balanced. More info can be found here.
  • Various balance changes have been made for Missiles. More info can be found here.

Missions & NPCs:

  • A selection of Amarr Navy NPCs have received upgraded AI.

Science & Industry:

  • Blueprint copies for the Hecate Tactical Destroyer can now be invented from Small Hull Section sleeper relics.
  • The yield of the following ores and compressed ores has been marginally increased:
    • Luminous Kernite and Compressed Luminous Kernite to 141 Tritanium and 141 Isogen
    • Fiery Kernite and Compressed Fiery Kernite to 148 Tritanium and 148 Isogen
    • Silvery Omber and Compressed Silvery Omber to 90 Tritanium and 90 Isogen
    • Azure Plagioclase and Compressed Azure Plagioclase to 113 Tritanium and 113 Mexallon
    • Rich Plagioclase and Compressed Rich Plagioclase to 118 Tritanium, 235 Pyerite and 118 Mexallon
    • Solid Pyroxeres and Compressed Solid Pyroxeres to 369 Tritanium
    • Viscous Pyroxeres and Compressed Viscous Pyroxeres to 387 Tritanium
    • Condensed Scordite and Compressed Condensed Scordite to 364 Tritanium
    • Massive Scordite and Compressed Massive Scordite to 381 Tritanium


  • Introducing the Gallente Tech 3 Tactical Destroyer: the Hecate
    • HECATE

      Gallente Tactical Destroyer Bonuses Per Level:
      5% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret rate of fire
      7.5% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret tracking speed
      5% reduction in heat damage generated by modules

      Role Bonus:
      50% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret Damage
      95% reduction in Scan Probe Launcher CPU requirements

      Additional bonuses are available when one of three Tactical Destroyer Modes are active. Modes may be changed no more than once every 10 seconds.
      Defense Mode:
      33.3% bonus to all armor and hull resistances while Defense Mode is active
      33.3% reduction to armor repairer duration while Defense Mode is active
      Propulsion Mode:
      66.6% bonus to Microwarpdrive speed boost and reduction in Microwarpdrive capacitor use while Propulsion Mode is active
      66.6% bonus to ship inertia modifier while Propulsion Mode is active
      Sharpshooter Mode:
      66.6% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret optimal range while Sharpshooter Mode is active
      100% bonus to sensor strength, scan resolution and targeting range while Sharpshooter Mode is active

      Slot layout: 6 H, 4 M, 4 L, 5 turrets
      3 Rig Slots, 400 Calibration
      Fittings: 54 PWG, 230 CPU
      Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 650 / 700 / 800
      Base shield resistances (EM/Therm/Kin/Exp): 0 / 40 / 70 / 50
      Base armor resistances (EM/Therm/Kin/Exp): 50 / 51.25 / 67.5 / 10
      Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / average cap per second): 700 / 280s / 2.5
      Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / warp speed / align time): 170 / 6.5 / 980,000 / 4.5 / 8.83s
      Drones (bandwidth / bay): 0 / 0
      Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 50km / 300 / 7
      Sensor strength: 14 magnetometric
      Signature radius: 70
      Cargo capacity: 450


  • The skill "Gallente Tactical Destroyer" is now available.


  • Added ship SKINs for Tech 2 Frigates and Tech 2 Destroyers:


    • Retribution EoM SKIN (Permanent)
    • Vengeance EoM SKIN (Permanent)
    • Anathema EoM SKIN (Permanent)
    • Purifier EoM SKIN (Permanent)
    • Sentinel EoM SKIN (Permanent)
    • Crusader EoM SKIN (Permanent)
    • Malediction EoM SKIN (Permanent)
    • Heretic EoM SKIN (Permanent)
    • Imperial Navy Slicer EoM SKIN (Permanent)

    • Harpy Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
    • Hawk Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
    • Buzzard Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
    • Manticore Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
    • Kitsune Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
    • Crow Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
    • Raptor Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
    • Caldari Navy Hookbill Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
    • Flycatcher Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent) 

    • Enyo Intaki Syndicate SKIN (Permanent)
    • Ishkur Intaki Syndicate SKIN (Permanent)
    • Helios Intaki Syndicate SKIN (Permanent)
    • Nemesis Intaki Syndicate SKIN (Permanent)
    • Keres Intaki Syndicate SKIN (Permanent)
    • Ares Intaki Syndicate SKIN (Permanent)
    • Taranis Intaki Syndicate SKIN (Permanent)
    • Federation Navy Comet Intaki Syndicate SKIN (Permanent)
    • Eris Intaki Syndicate SKIN (Permanent)

    • Jaguar Justice SKIN (Permanent)
    • Wolf Justice SKIN (Permanent)
    • Cheetah Justice SKIN (Permanent)
    • Hound Justice SKIN (Permanent)
    • Hyena Justice SKIN (Permanent)
    • Claw Justice SKIN (Permanent)
    • Stiletto Justice SKIN (Permanent)
    • Republic Fleet Firetail Justice SKIN (Permanent)
    • Sabre Justice SKIN (Permanent)

User Interface:

  • Added “Info by Issuer” column to My Contracts and Available Contracts tabs in the Contracts window.
  • When creating a route from an Extractor Control Unit in Planetary Interaction the width of the Amount input field has been increased to fit 6 digits.
  • Columns in the Products tab of the Planetary Interaction Extractor Control Units can now be re-sized.
  • All overview and bracket icons have now thicker line strokes.
  • Friendly NPCs now have a blue tintThis change will appear in a patch following the Aegis update a few days later.
  • The amount of drone icon groups have been simplified from 8 to 4.
  • The overview and bracket icon for the Mobile Depot has been changed.
  • The overview and bracket icon for Wrecks has been changed.



  • Missiles have had their hitpoints and resistances adjusted. More info can be found here.
  • Bob has spoken: the spawn rate and lifetime of some wormhole connections to Nullsec space have changed.
  • The materials received when refining a Jackdaw have been corrected
  • The Civilian Armor Repairer now cycles more slowly, but repairs more hitpoints per cycle.
  • The mass addition from fitting an Entosis link now applies whether the module is online or offline.


  • The Aliastra skin on the Incursus hull has been adjusted.
  • The placement of an antenna on the Golem has been corrected.
  • Engine trails on ships using the Caldari Caracal cruiser hull have been added.
  • The third high power slot on the Bantam has been corrected so that it shows launchers on the ship.
  • Screen flashing with HDR enabled has been fixed.
  • A missing logo on the Mackinaw has been corrected.
  • The placement of small and medium autocannon and artillery turrets on their batteries have been corrected.
  • The camera origin for the Gallente Shuttle has been corrected.
  • The Minmatar outpost has been updated to fix a gap in geometry. Station owners no longer need to duct-tape those holes. 
  • Incorrect shadowing in the item preview window has been fixed.
  • Remote armor repairs and remote hull repairs now have different icons to show they are the remote version. You did it /r/eve!


  • The sovereignty structure sound effects have been modified to work with client mute and advanced audio settings.

User Interface:

  • An issue causing the assets list to snap to top when adding station waypoints from list has been fixed..
  • Coloring of autopilot destination have been slightly changed: It is no longer possible to have a yellow station and a yellow stargate in the overview in the same system.
  • The Energy Turrets icon has been added to the Nestor traits tab.
  • You can now properly interact with solar system links that have been drag-dropped from autopilot avoidance list.
  • Jump clones will remember their set names when being jumped into and reinstalled, so long as their implant contents are not changed.
  • Unloading charges from grouped weapons in the fitting window while in space will now properly clear the ship hud icons.
  • Tooltip shows for 3rd input of any Planetary Interaction processor with 3 inputs.
  • NPC industrials now properly show as such instead of NPC mining barges.
  • Full SFX will play when opening the fitting window.