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Patch Notes for Dominion 1.0.1

2009-12-03 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

Patch notes for Dominion 1.0.1, released Thursday 3 December 2009. Please note that the full listing for Dominion can be found here.



  • An issue that would keep players with a combat aggression timer from undocking has now been fixed.
  • PvP Aggression timers will now be updated, when undocking. There will be a warning message, when trying to undock with an active aggression timer in high security space.

Corporation & Alliance

  • All corporation taxes were displaying as 50%. They will now be displayed correctly.

User Interface

  • Icons for the different damage types have now been reinstated in the fitting window.
  • A rare situation that made it impossible to tell if a blueprint was an original or a copy has been corrected.
  • The fleet broadcast announcing that free move has been turned on/off will now work correctly in all situations.
  • Scooping your own drones will no longer be counted as looting in the loot logging fleet tool.

EVE Voice, Mail & Chat

  • The default listing for EVE mail will now be displayed in descending order from the most recent mail received.


  • Russian localized clients can now access starbase Strontium bays and the help screen as normal.


  • The Report ISK Spammer tool has been tweaked and is now easier to use.
  • Several database reporting tools have been improved.
  • Several GM tools have been fixed.


  • Several exploits have been fixed making the world a better place.