Patch Notes for Crucible 1.2 | EVE Online

Patch Notes for Crucible 1.2

2012-02-16 - By CCP Guard

Patch Notes for Crucible 1.2

Released Thursday, February 16th:

  • Windows from Crucible 1.1.3 to Crucible 1.2 is 16 MB
  • Windows full client 5 GB
  • Mac from Crucible 1.1.3 to Crucible is 1.2 is 8.87 MB
  • Mac full client 5.9 GB

Client and user interface improvements

  • The overview responsiveness has been improved substantially. People that participate in large fleet fights should particularly feel a large difference.

  • Rapid writing of text on screen should now have less of an impact on the performance of the client. This should be notable in places such as mission briefings, the overview, etc.

  • The UI rendering has been dramatically improved. The main benefit is that your client’s performance should not be impacted as much when you have many UI windows open.

  • Overview sorting will now lock better when the mouse is hovering over it.

    • Read more on these improvements here.


User Interface

  • Starbase fuel notifications on calendar can no longer be seen by the entire corporation.


Corporation & Alliance

  • When applying the sanctionable action to create shares the notification is now being sent again. 

User Interface

  • An issue with very long alliance URLs not showing up was fixed.
  • When using the jump button to warp to and jump through a gate is now fixed so that it still works after the initial warp didn't bring you to the gate due to cap constraints.   
  • You can now unlock people from the right-click menu of their watchlist entry.


  • A fix has been found for several known (but not all) crashes. This should improve client stability for Mac users.

Client Update #1 for EVE Online: Crucible 1.2

Released Thursday, February 16:


User Interface

  • Fixed many alignment issues when the UI Scaling feature is in use.
  • Fixed selection sounds in the Overview.
  • Fleet broadcast icons will once again be removed from the Overview when it's time to do so.
  • The Overview once again works with the beta Japanese localization.