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Patch Notes for Incursion 1.3

2011-03-08 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

Patch notes for Incursion 1.3, released March 8, 2011



  • We have significantly enhanced the strength and structure of the inventory system to counter potential exploits.
  • We have changed which data types are used for inventory tracking in the interest of execution speed. This will result in improved performance when manipulating inventories, for example when a missile is launched and thus entered into the solar system’s inventory.

Patch notes for Incursion 1.3 hotfix, released March 16, 2011


Need for Speed

  • The Tranquility cluster startup procedure has been reviewed and hardened. This will significantly decrease the chances of failed start-ups and unnecessary extended downtime happening again.

User Interface

  • A crash issue in the user interface triggered by browsing certain web pages in the IGB (In Game Browser) has been fixed.
  • Players can now load partially loaded modules, with the same type of ammo, by dragging charges of the same type onto them.
  • "Deliver to member" from a corporations delivery hangar would fail if the corporation did not have an office in the station where the item was located. This has been fixed.

EVE Voice, Mail & Chat

  • The right-click menu when selecting multiple mails has been fixed.