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Patch Notes For Kronos Are Now Available!

2014-05-29 - By CCP Falcon

We're happy to annouce that patch notes for the Kronos release, which will be deployed on Tuesday, June 3rd, are now available.

Kronos brings a whole host of fresh additions to the EVE Universe, including a new line of Mordu's Legion ships, improved solar flare graphics, brand new audio customization options, many new fixes and improvements in the little things project, the new Tech II "Prospect" mining frigate from Outer Ring Excavations, balances to a huge number of ships, and a whole host of fixes and improvements for both graphics and gameplay.

You can find out more about what's coming with Kronos in the Dev Blogs linked above, and for a summary you can see Part I and Part II of CCP Seagull's "Coming In Kronos" Dev Blog.

Details of the downtime for the Kronos release will be forthcoming, for now, check out the Dev Blogs suggested, and take a first look at the patch notes here!