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Patch Notes for Quantum Rise 1.0.4

2008-12-16 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

Patch notes for Quantum Rise 1.0.4, released 16 December 2008


Need for Speed

  • A new graph is now accessible in the performance monitor that displays information about memory usage in the client.


Need for Speed

  • Memory leaks have been plugged in the graphics rendering engine’s resource management. The memory leaks would occur when switching to and from fullscreen, when locking the computer or when the screen saver activated, and also gradually over time.
  • A memory leak in the market price history chart has been plugged. This memory leak could also potentially occur when viewing CONCORD billboards or when opening the settings menu.


  • Improving performance when fetching certificate information by character.


  • A database performance issue causing excessive load on corporation member lookups has been fixed.