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Patch Notes for Revelations 1.4.2

2007-04-24 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

PLEASE NOTE: Concord war fees have changed to the following, please see this Dev Blog and forum thread for further information and discussion-

  • Fees for starting and maintaining wars are directly proportional to either the number of wars your corporation or alliance is engaged in, or the number of wars the victim is engaged in. Previously only the number of wars the victim was engaged in was taken into consideration.
  • If the victim is involved in wars they did not initiate, those wars are counted towards the number influencing the cost of this war. If the instigator is also involved in wars they initiaged, those wars are also counted.

The higher of the two is used to determine the multiplier to the base cost, for example: if your corporation is involved in two wars your corporation initiated, a third war declaration will cost 3 times as much.

The same criteria applies to continuing wars: War are billed weekly based on the number of active wars at the time of billing. An example:

  • Alliance A starts a war with alliance B: 50M.
  • It then starts a war with with alliance C: 100M.
  • Then next week it is billed for 200M, 100M for wars with both B and C (two outstanding wars).
  • If C receives war declarations from two other alliances before the week is over, the bill will be 150M.

Fixes, Changes and Improvements


  • Freighter Operations have undergone the following changes, please visit please see this Dev Blog and forum thread for further information and discussion-
    • In-space, Freighters can now access cargo only under the following conditions:
      • Freighters can move items from a freighter wreck into the freighter and,
      • Items may be moved from an in-space General Freight Container into the freighter.
    • Normal Freighter Cargo Operations are permitted if the freighter is within 30km of an online POS Control Tower or Construction Platform.
  • The Nyx's Deployed Fighters damage per level has been lowered to 5%, replacing the current 10% bonus, thus bringing the Nyx in line with other motherships.

Drones and Modules

  • Drones will return to their folders properly.
  • You are no longer able to reload weapons while cloaked. This should effectively fix an error occuring causing ammunition to disappear if this was attempted.
  • The Salvage Drone Operation skill was incorrectly added to TQ as a mission reward, and has been removed.


  • An issue preventing the use of a tractor beam on a gangmate's can has been partially resolved. It is now possible to use a tractor beam on a gangmate's can if the gangmate docks. However, you may not be able to use the tractor beam if the gangmate leaves the system, logs off, or if the gang disbands.
  • When creating a cynosural field, there is an new gang broadcast option. This option will allow members who join the gang after cynosural field activation to use the field. Note this option will not be given if a player logs out and back in while the beacon is active.

EVE Voice

  • Gang audio muting has been changed, the second key binding to talk as leader has been removed instead the gang leader can mute the whole channel by right clicking the channel tab and select "mute all" The channel leader can also select individual members of the gang to exlude them from the mute by righ clicking them and select exclude from mute in the channel option.

NPCs, Deadspace and Missions

  • Dungeon message triggers will display properly if the intended recipient is not in a gang.
  • Several missions have been updated to improve playability.
  • The Intercept the Smugglers missions have been updated and reactivated.
  • The Smuggler Interception mission now requires 10 Militants instead of 10 Holoreels. Newer players should find mission accomplishment easier as a result of this change.
  • The Damsel in Distress mission warp-in point has been adjusted so pilots are no longer stuck on a structure when warping into the mission area.
  • The rookie Invention mission no longer has a 3% chance of failure.
  • Issues with rookie missions given by Ochishii Veilai have been resolved.
  • Some agents had incorrect level/quality settings. These have now been corrected.


  • The Contracts interface will always open on the start page.

Manufacturing and Invention

  • Note, this change is undergoing testing: Inderdictors can be invented from Destroyers.

User Interface and Windows

  • Dragging stacks and stacking items between containers will now stack correctly, assuming there is enough space for both stacks.
  • The Ship Fitting window will not open if you are in a pod.
  • A right click menu option has been added to Ship maintenance array's to open the fitting screen.
  • The "Size" and "Slot" columns will display only for appropriate items in the items lists, i.e., they won't show for items such as blueprints.

Character Sheet

  • A timer has been added to the Jump Clone page of the character sheet showing how long until the next clone jump is possible.


  • A Corporation Division naming issue has been resolved. Names must be at least 3 characters long.
  • A graphical display error in direct trading has been corrected.
  • A partial fix has been made for a rare client lock issue occuring when boarding and/or ejecting from ships.
  • The unmute message in the Voice chat menu has been fixed.
  • As a part of ongoing efforts to improve playability for all players, an update has been made to the information displayed in the 'Show Info' Required Skills tab to allow colourblind players to more easily distinguish the between requirements made or still in need of fulfillment. difference. Skills will now have a check or a cross (requirement met/not met) in addition to the existing colour code.
  • Graphical effects occuring when multiple attempts to open a Corp member's hangar has been resolved.
  • A rare map crash issue occuring when the warp animation has stopped/aborted has been resolved.
  • When a conquerable station is conquered by a corporation whose alliance holds soverignty, in theory it should gain invulnerability until the corporation's alliance no longer holds sovereignty. In reality, the invulnerability does not go into effect until the next downtime. This has been resolved and the invulnerability will begin immediately.
  • A rare map error that would prevent the player from being able to log in with that character has been resolved.
  • A display bug generated in the reprocessing window where stacked ammo would cause the desription and quantity columns to overlap has been resolved.

Exploit fixes
The following items were addressed during the patch but not announced in an effort to prevent last minute exploiting.

  • It is no longer possible to see the "Corp Blueprints" tab in the S&I interface without one of the following roles: "Rent Research Slot", "Factory Manager", "Rent Factory Slot", or higher roles as per corporation design.
  • Logging off immediately after jumping into a warp disruptor bubble no longer grants invulnerability, much to the delight of gate campers everywhere.