Patch Notes for Tyrannis | EVE Online

Patch Notes for Tyrannis

2010-05-26 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

Patch notes for EVE Online: Tyrannis, released Wednesday 26 May 2010.

Table of Contents


Planetary Interaction

  • The planets of EVE and their resources are now yours to use. There are a small number of exclusions, such as major hub systems, shattered planets, and sites of historical significance.
  • Planetary Infrastructure can be built using Command Centers, Extractors, Processors, Storage Facilities and Spaceports. These are all connected using Links.
  • Planetary commodities and products can be imported to and exported from a planet using the Customs office, connected to all spaceports built on a planet.
  • See CCP Soundwave’s dev blog Impossible is our Middle Name for more information on Planetary Interaction.

EVE Gate

  • EVE Gate is the web portal into the EVE universe and is designed to ease communication and organization for the EVE community.
  • Send and receive EVE Mail, create, invite and accept events with the new Calendar system, manage your Contacts, browse through character, corp and alliance profiles and receive broadcast updates from your friends and corpmates.
  • The standings system has been revamped so now you can use that in conjunction with the privacy settings to determine who will be able to view your full profile, contact list and broadcast messages, currently only pilots set to standing 5.1 and over will be able to see that information
  • You can easily set your privacy in the profile settings in EVE Gate so nobody can view more information on your character than is displayed in the “Show Info” window in the game.
  • See CCP Priya’s dev blog EVE Gate: For those moments when your boss isn’t looking for more information on EVE Gate.

AlienFx Light Effects

  • AlienFX-compatible Alienware computers and keyboards pair light effects with in-game events:
    • Low shield, armor and hull warnings
    • Cap recharge at 70% when in jump drive-capable ship
    • Full cargo hold when mining
    • Autopilot destination/waypoint reached
    • Warp scrambled
    • Low capacitor


  • New in-game calendar is now introduced with the following features:
    • In EVE Gate and in client
    • Personal Events
    • Corp/Alliance Events
    • CCP Events
    • Month View
    • Individual days, when expanded, will provide more details.

New Image Service

  • A new service delivers character portraits, corporation and alliance logos to EVE Gate, the EVE client and community Web sites.


  • Two new Alliance Tournament VIII ships have been added as prizes for the next tournament’s winners: the Adrestia heavy assault ship and the Utu assault ship. These unique ships will not be seeded on the market and will only be made available to the winners of Alliance Tournament VIII.


  • The skill "Command Center Upgrades" has been seeded on the market. It will allow players to build more complex command centers.
  • The skill "Interplanetary Consolidation" has been seeded on the market. It will allow players to manage up to 6 colonies on as many planets.
  • Three new skills have been added for planet scanning:
    • “Remote Sensing” allows a player to scan planets remotely, each skill level increases the distance at which it’s possible to scan.
    • “Planetology” increases the accuracy when scanning planets for resources. This is visible in the number of gradient bands displayed on the planet surface when scanning for a resource.
    • “Advanced Planetology” further increases the accuracy when scanning planets for resources.

Starbases, Outposts and Stations

  • Orbital Customs Offices have been introduced with Planetary Interaction.
  • Rocket Containers have been introduced with Planetary Interaction.

Exploration & Deadspace

  • Several new “mystery” dungeons have been added.

Character Creation and New Player Experience

  • A Planetary Interaction tutorial has been created for the New Player Experience.


Need for Speed

  • Made various improvements to the EVE server software and corified more of its components along the way.

World Shaping

  • The type of 38,213 planets has been changed, resulting in a more realistic universe as well as a balanced distribution of resources for Planetary Interaction.
  • The radius of around 140 planets has been changed which, in turn, affects the warp-in point.
  • Deep space safe spots have been removed. For more info, see the dev blog by CCP Greyscale. This will be implemented at a future time.


  • The Scorpion battleship has undergone a major transformation and now more closely resembles its namesake. For more info, see CCP Salvo’s dev blog on the Scorpion redesign.
  • The Corporation Hangar window for a ship which is not the current ship will be closed when docking or undocking
  • The Mining Foreman Gang Link bonus for the Rorqual has been increased to 10% per level instead of 5%. This bonus is only applied when the Rorqual is in deployment mode.
  • When closing the client while in warp, the ship will now finish warping to its destination and then perform an emergency warp-off from there.

Weapons & Ammunition

  • The “Radio XL” crystal description no longer mentions depletion since it doesn't deplete.

Player Owned Structures, Outposts and Stations

  • Players are now able to set standings to entities as long as they are in the Corporation or Alliance Contact list.
  • There is an option in the Station Management window to use either the Corporation's standings or the Alliance's standing for applying station service fees.
  • There is an option in the POS Management window to use either the Corporation's standings or the Alliance's standings when determining sentry aggression.
  • It is no longer possible to access Corporate Hangar Arrays and Mobile Laboratories while the structure or the control tower is anchored or onlining. Only when it is online.


  • Several changes have been made to the loot drops of various NPCs, most notably Rogue Drones. For more info, see The Circle of Life dev blog by CCP Chronotis.
  • The loot drops from Rogue Drone NPC battleships have had their composition altered, their volume significantly decreased, and their value slightly decreased.

Agents & Missions

  • Several missions have been changed so that they no longer use commodities for cargo that are also used in Planetary Interaction.
  • Basic Courier Missions have been changed so that cargo size and travel distance is consistent between factions and agent levels.
  • "Serpentis Drug Outlet 1/10" will now require the gate key to enter the final room.
  • Most Station Ruins structures have been resized and many dungeons received some minor adjustments.
  • “Keeping Crime in Check” mission has been re-balanced and now requires 3 bronze tags instead of 10.
  • The distribution of the missions “Avenge a Fallen Comrade”, “Break Their Will” and “Retribution” was adjusted.
  • The mission “The Search Party (2 of 2)” is now working as intended.
  • "Starting Simple" text has been corrected for the post-Apocrypha UI.
  • "Attack the Angel Hideout" objective text has been restored.

Exploration & Deadspace

  • “Mordu's Folly (2 of 2)” acceleration gate no longer allows supercarriers.
  • Sites and landmarks previously located near planets have been changed to static sites and moved away from planets. See CCP Bettik’s dev blog Those That Came Before Us for more info.
  • Some minor cosmetic edits were made to wormhole exploration sites.
  • Several minor spelling and punctuation errors have been fixed. The grammar gods have been appeased.
  • Descriptions for Planetary Interaction commodities and facilities have been added.
  • Missile and crystal descriptions are now updated for logic, clarity, and consistency.

Science and Industry

  • The waste factor for all Tech III blueprint copies has been changed to 0. This is a non-functional change.
  • Low sec and some null sec asteroids have higher amounts of low end minerals such as Tritanium, Pyerite or Mexallon. For more info, see The Circle of Life dev blog by CCP Chronotis.

Market & Contracts

  • The Journal now shows up to 100 contracts.

Corporation & Alliance

  • The message displayed when a corporation leaves an alliance with an active war declaration now has clearer wording.
  • The Standings tab has been moved to the top level and visible by all corporation members. Corporation Contacts is found under this tab.
  • The “Like and Dislike” tabs are removed as their function is replaced with the Corporation Contacts list.
  • The Corporation Contacts list is now limited to 2600 entries.
  • Only CEOs and Directors can add, edit, and remove Corporation Contacts.
  • The Relationships tab for Alliances has been replaced with Alliance Contacts. This will be visible by all members
    • Entities labeled "non-aggression pact" are moved to Good (+5) standing.
    • Entities labeled "friend" are moved to Excellent (+10) standing.
    • Entities labeled "competitor” are moved to Bad (-5) standing.
    • Entities labeled "enemy" are moved to Terrible (-10) standing.
  • The Alliance Contacts list is limited to 2600 entries.
  • Only the CEO and Directors of the executor corporation can add, edit, and remove Alliance Contacts.
  • Corporation and Alliance standings are cached for 5 minutes. Changes to corporation/alliance standings may not be recognized by all corp/alliance members until their cache is updated. Personal standings are still updated instantly


  • Suns have been given an overhaul and are now large spheres with solar flares.
  • Surfaces are now projected onto planets. This allows for surface scanning in the Planetary Interaction User Interface (PIUI).
  • Planetary Interaction Pins have been created which represent the structures built on a planet’s surface.

User Interface

  • The Buddy List is now called “Contacts.” There is a limit of 300 contacts.
  • The Blocked tab has been removed. The Blocked list is now found under the Contacts tab.
  • The Corp member tab has been moved to the Corporation Window.
  • The standing system for personal standings uses 5 levels of relationships (Excellent +10, Good +5, Neutral 0, Bad -5, and Horrible -10) instead of the integer slider.
  • Players are able to set standing to other players, player corporations, player alliance, NPC corporations, and NPC factions. This requires that the player is also added to your contact list.
  • When adding or editing another player as a contact, it is possible to send them a notification, with or without a personalized note, saying that you added them as a contact and at what standing level.
  • When caps lock is activated pressing SHIFT no longer cancels it
  • The new default value for Fleet Broadcasts is now “Everyone”.
  • It is no longer possible to assign CTRL, SHIFT, ALT, ESC or RETURN as shortcut keys.
  • It is now possible to assign numpad keys as shortcuts.
  • Loyalty Store purchases are now displayed in the wallet journal as "Payment to LP Store" instead of "Payment to Agent".
  • A new cursor has been created which better indicates links, menus, and other interface items
  • The widescreen option under Display & Graphics in the ESC window has been permanently removed. This change is necessary to fix several issues with the new cameras.
  • The following chat channels have been recreated. As a result, MOTDs and accesses will be cleared. If you were in one of the below channels prior to Tyrannis' deployment, you will receive a message stating that the channel does not exist. You will need to manually rejoin the channel. The affected channels are: Languages\Estonian, Languages\Faroese, Languages\Belarussian, Languages\Hebrew, Languages\Czech/Slovak, Languages\Turkish, Languages\Croatian, Languages\Romanian, Languages\Greek, Languages\Lithuanian, Languages\Filipino, Languages\Vietnamese, Languages\Bulgarian, Languages\Serbian, Languages\Afrikaans, Other\EveTV, Other\SIRadio

EVE Voice, Mail & Chat

  • The folder for Contacts is added to the Notifications tab. This is where notifications will be sent when a player is added as a contact or standing level is changed.
  • The Mail address book has been replaced with the Contacts list.


  • "Close tab" menu option has been removed from the right click menu of the final tab in the browser.
  • The non-functional "trash it" option is no longer present for items in containers in Corporate Hangars.
  • The much-loved and informative "Traffic Advisory" messages have disappeared from EVE, forever.
  • Ship insurance will now revalue itself periodically based on a trimmed mean of the ship's manufacturing materials global market weighted average prices. For more info, see The Circle of Life dev blog by CCP Chronotis.
  • A new method of drawing lines enables routes and links to be displayed in the PIUI.
  • Line animation in the PIUI indicates activity on routes and links.
  • Camera hooks for Planetary Interaction have been added. Players will notice this when the camera zooms in on their Planetary Command Pins in the PIUI.
  • New dustfields have been added.
  • API support for the new Contacts system has been added.
  • Volume of ambient sound in stations will decrease after 90 and 180 seconds to make idling in stations less noisy.



  • The hitpoints of your ship will no longer briefly appear to be 0 when moving fittable items to or from your cargo hold.
  • Tech 3 subsystems now give bonuses correctly when boarding from a ship maintenance array.
  • The description of the Heretic now states the correct missile velocity bonus.
  • Armor and structure hitpoints will no longer go negative.
  • Fixed an issue where partial repairs appeared to be overcharging the player.
  • Fixed incorrect lighting on back side of Zephyr’s sails, which could cause them to appear black at times.
  • Tournament ships no longer use redundant shaders. Fresnel shader on the alpha areas in all LOD levels of the two Tournament VII ships have been replaced with the correct Single.fx shader.
  • The Apocalypse Imperial Issue did not have turret locators on its model, which indicate where turrets should be placed. This has now been fixed.
  • The Dominix lacked turret and booster locators on its model, thus turrets and thruster animations were not visible. Locators have been added to fix these problems.
  • No explosion was visible when blowing up a supercarrier. An explosion effect has been added.
  • Freighters now have correct racial propulsion types.
  • A Rorqual’s assembly lines can now draw from and produce to its own corporate hangars.
  • The Drake and Hurricane now correctly state "per level" in the description of their bonuses.
  • Ships utilizing the Ship Maintenance Bay will no longer be able to launch housed vessels while in warp.


  • Fixed a problem where dragging charges onto the fitting screen only distributed enough charge for one weapon.
  • There is no longer an error when dragging modules from the fitting window to the cargo hold.
  • Equipping saved fittings no longer fails if changes affect a module that has a script loaded.
  • Module activation error messages will no longer contain techno-babble text strings.
  • The passive shield recharge rate for Shield Flux Coils is now calculated correctly when previewing them in the fitting screen.
  • The reference to “motherships” has been removed from the description of Clone Vat Bay I.
  • Capital logistic modules now receive a consistent activation cost reduction skill bonus.

Weapons & Ammunition

  • Falloff range will now display with decimal places in the show info window.
  • The right click contextual menu has been removed from launched missiles.
  • Flameburst light missile explosion effects no longer display on the user’s own ship.


  • Ship and skill bonuses are now always applied to drones correctly on scooping them.
  • It is no longer possible to give Assist or Guard orders to a fleet member who is not in the same system.
  • Ungrouped drones of mixed types will now launch together.
  • The description of Fighter Bombers and their respective skillbooks has been adjusted to reflect that they are manned crafts and not drones.
  • Having the Drones skill to level 1 is now a prerequisite for using a Civilian Hobgoblin drone.
  • A typo in the error message when trying to launch drones in Triage Mode has been fixed.


  • Saving a neural remap which was started in another system will no longer fail.
  • Corrected the requirements for the Standard and Improved Mercoxit Specialist certifications.

Starbases, Outposts and Stations

  • There is no longer an exception being thrown on linking structures.
  • 0.4 solar systems no longer require charters for Starbases.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Starbase Silo bonus to not apply.
  • Notifications about damaged sovereignty structures are now shown correctly, even if the attacker is unknown.
  • Notifications about attacked sovereignty structures are now shown correctly when the attacker is not part of an alliance.
  • A notification message is now displayed, when trying to drag an item, which is not an infrastructure upgrade, into the Infrastructure Hub
  • Several minor problems with sovereignty structures were fixed.
  • Offlining a Sovereignty Blockade Unit from an invulnerable state will now make it vulnerable to attack.
  • Territorial Claim Units can now be repackaged.
  • The management window of the Infrastructure Hub will now close when warping away.
  • A more appropriate message is shown when attempting to change the state of sovereignty structures without the proper roles.
  • A newly created shader gives Silos an animation after onlining.
  • A station model which created undock problems has been altered. Ships will no longer bounce around while undocking.
  • Minmatar stations will now have ambient sounds.
  • Caldari Navy station interior lighting has been improved.
  • Station eggs: It's no longer possible to set a password longer than 16 characters.
  • Starbase shields will now recharge to 100% in the correct time.
  • There is now an error message if you try and save a blank station name.
  • A Starbase in high-sec which is set to shoot back on aggression will now shoot back if shot at by a member of the owning corp. This is now in line with low-sec and 0.0 space behavior.

Character Creation and New Player Experience

  • Page 2 of "Your Advancement" now gives the correct instructions for opening the ship's cargo hold.
  • Fixed a typo in "Letter of Recommendation”.
  • The "you need a ship" message when trying to undock with no ship is now significantly more helpful.
  • When choosing a blank character slot, players will be “Entering character creation" instead of "Entering character selection".
  • Using the "Enter" key no longer moves a player to the next page of the tutorial before meeting the prerequisites.
  • The play, pause and volume icons are now correctly aligned under the racial videos.


  • NPCs will now drop the correct size of afterburners.
  • Duplicate operations have been removed from station names, much to the relief of dismayed students attending the School of Applied Knowledge School.

Agents & Missions

  • The load balancing mechanism for missions in Dominion incorrectly prioritized high-load systems over low-load systems when selecting the location for mission objectives. Agents now prefer to send players to less loaded systems.
  • Agents no longer offer another mission after standings have dropped below the minimum.
  • The agent message window for Sister Alitura now displays Effective Standing and Division.
  • It was possible for storyline agents to present you with a hostile response even though they offered a mission. This has been corrected.
  • The mission “The Search Party (2 of 2)” is now working as intended.
  • “Are You Receiving? (2 of 3)” now has mission objective text.

Exploration & Deadspace

  • Fixed an issue that caused the recovery of multiple probes when clicking one and recovering another.
  • The site “Contested Amarr Mire Keep” has been re-named in the overview to “Contested Amarr Crimson Keep”.
  • Changed icon on the message pop-up for “Ruined Sansha Crystal Quarry”.
  • Exploration site “Decayed Angel Mining Station” now has the correct pop-up text.
  • Exploration site “Large Hemorphite, Jaspet and Kernite Deposit” now has the correct asteroid types.
  • Exploration site “Small Hedbergite, Hemorphite and Jaspet Deposit” no longer prints a debug message in local.
  • Exploration site “Sansha Forlorn Den” now correctly displays the Sansha logo.
  • Cartel Research Outpost in the escalating path site Angel Owned Station now correctly drops a Cynabal BPC instead of a packaged Cynabal.
  • Some immersion breaking object names were fixed.

Science & Industry

  • The skill requirements on faction Cruise Missile Launcher blueprints have been changed to not require the Cruise Missile skill.
  • Olbra I – Pator Tech School's industrial manufacturing line has been fixed.
  • Jobs cannot be created using blueprints belonging to other corporation members unless in the corporation hangar.
  • It is no longer possible to start a manufacturing job without having the required quantity of RAM.
  • When the Science & Industry window is open and a job completes, the progress bar no longer hangs when clicking "Deliver".
  • No cancel option will be given for jobs already delivered.
  • Various BPOs had their volume increased from 0.0m3 to 0.01 m3.

Market & Contracts

  • "Ghost" Freeform Contracts have been removed
  • Contracts: “Use Base Price” confirmation window is only suppressed if you say “yes”.

Corporation & Alliance

  • It is no longer possible to submit the same bulletin multiple times by spam-clicking the "submit" button.
  • The notification sent upon a corporation leaving faction warfare is now correct.
  • Alliance / Corporate standing changes no longer require a re-log to view.
  • Issue with Corporate wallets unable to receive cash has been fixed.
  • Corporate applications of CEO characters are no longer processed.
  • The corporation wallet transaction search has been expanded to search for additional groupings, instead of just seeing the most recent transactions.
  • Multiple characters in same corporation trying to rent an office in the same station now result in 1 bill and 1 office only.
  • When giving away shares, the Corporation Politics tab will be removed and no longer closes the whole corporation window.
  • Declaring support for a chosen executor now updates the alliance window correctly.
  • Trying to create a corporation in space now gives the correct warning.
  • Corporation "our adverts" is no longer accessible without proper roles.
  • Double spaces are no longer allowed in corporate names.
  • After receiving shares, it is no longer necessary to re-log to see the Politics tab.
  • Corporation window does not become blank on switching tabs if the player saves changes after granting roles to a member who is not willing to take roles.
  • The "Per Page" settings are now applied in the Role Management window.
  • Changing the Per Page setting on the Role Management tab takes effect no matter which page is being viewed.
  • When creating a Decoration, the reset button is only visible if information has been entered.


  • Players using monitors that supported resolutions wider than 16:9 reported difficulty with using the scanner. Map distortion on displays using wider than 16:9 aspect ratio is now fixed, with increased maximum zoom distance on the system map.
  • Fixed an issue where Fullscreen options remained selected while in Windowed mode.
  • Camera bobbing when looking at large objects at extreme zoom-in levels has been made less noticeable.
  • The sun will no longer be visible through a ship model when the "sun is occluded by ships" option is selected.
  • All gas giants now use the same height map, resulting in uniform appearance.
  • Interval default issue which caused jagged FPS in windowed mode under Windows XP has been resolved.
  • An issue where random colors flickered on screen at client startup has been resolved. Rainbows do not belong in EVE.
  • Texture improvements ensure that lava planets no longer lose their red hue when changing shader quality.
  • Temperate planets will now have a similar appearance between high and low shader quality settings.

User Interface

  • The Username/Password Field will no longer appear to have focus when the application does not. Accidentally typing your password into IRC by mistake is now a thing of the past.
  • Text will no longer overlap in the Insurance Quotes window.
  • Fixed a problem where it was not possible to create (except for //) links in the notepad.
  • The "search" button will no longer appear when creating http links.
  • Spam clicking the "Quit corporation" button will no longer open multiple instances of the "Quit corporation" window.
  • Error checking for creating new keyboard shortcuts now works properly with better error messages.
  • Jukebox no longer restores itself from being minimized on docking or undocking.
  • Importing Overview settings will now retain their filters correctly.
  • It is now possible to right click links which contain non-ascii characters.
  • Changing the size of the MOTD font in player-created chat channels will work correctly now and not throw an error.
  • It is no longer possible to have two "Create Alliance" windows open at the same time.
  • Clicking multiple times on the "Submit" button in the Add/Edit Bulletin window will submit the bulletin only once.
  • In certain conditions the text in corporate adverts overlapped with the boundary line, this has now been fixed.
  • The text in windows with nested tables (like mission briefings) is no longer duplicated if the graphics settings are changed with that window open.
  • A spelling mistake that appeared when trying to anchor or online a TCU without being part of an alliance has been corrected.
  • When moving the map by clicking and holding the right mouse button, the context menu no longer appears when releasing the mouse button.
  • A minor typographic error in the notification received when trying to overload a module without the required skill level has been corrected.
  • A spelling mistake in the type name of the Alliance Maintenance Bill has been corrected.
  • Broadcast messages received while the broadcast window was minimized will now be correctly displayed when restoring or maximizing the window.
  • The legend for the "Systems I've Visited" option in the star map has been corrected to show the right colors.
  • The wallet reference type "Agent Mission Reward Corporation Tax" now works as intended.
  • It was possible to select multiple items on the “Import overview settings” dialog window but only the last entry would be used. You can now only select one item.
  • All cargo holds are now closed when attempting to clone-jump.
  • When repairing a damaged ship, the "Pick New Item" button no longer is hidden.
  • The “Terminate Character” dialog is now hidden when entering the game.
  • You are now notified if you try to recycle the ship you are currently in.
  • Players will now get a confirmation dialog when destroying single probes from the Scanner window.
  • The “Character selected failed” info window no longer overlaps the ESC menu.
  • Drag and drop fitting of a rig no longer gives 2 confirmation dialogs.
  • All right click menus now close when docking.
  • Error messages given when trying to reprocess less than the minimum quantity have been corrected.
  • Exiting dialog "Overview profile already exists" now gives you chance to enter a new profile name.
  • Players can no longer attempt to self-destruct when docking.
  • Trying to export an Overview without a filename now gives the correct information message.
  • It is now possible to scoop containers with illegal goods even after suppressing the warning message.
  • Long Corporation Titles no longer block information, but are now truncated in the Character Information window.
  • Retired agents can now be removed from your “People & Places” window.
  • The “Abandon Drone” confirmation dialog box is only suppressed if you choose “Yes”.
  • Previously billing notifications would not include separators. For example it used to display as “you owe 17490352784”, it will now display this “you owe 17.490.352.784”.
  • The option to un-rent an Orca’s corporate hangar is no longer present.
  • The message shown when redeeming PLEX now correctly states the destination station
  • The Asset window no longer becomes blank when undocking.
  • “Show Info” used on multiple characters at the same time will now properly display Medals.
  • Trying to open more than 5 tabs in the Overview will give a warning.
  • If a bio is empty it now displays "Here you can type in your biography".
  • The Insurance window will now always display ship names.
  • Duplicate Hangar and Divisions have been removed from the Rorqual Science & Industry window.
  • The color tag and background is now applied to agents in space.
  • The Show Info window for Tech II blueprints no longer applies waste-factor to extra materials, and now shows the actual requirements.
  • The message when you do not have any assets at a station is no longer slightly cut off when rendered in the default window size.
  • The expanding/collapsing functionality of the Scanner has been removed.
  • When re-selecting Export or Import from the Overview - the previously minimized window is brought back up.
  • Wormhole jumps into Empire systems are counted as visits in the map statistics.
  • Fixed several issues where the "Do not ask me again" check box was not suppressing the warning message.
  • Players are now able to filter Fleet Adverts by corporation and alliance.
  • Removed the option to Redeem Items on deleted characters.
  • When searching items under transaction tab, clicking load button and pressing enter will display the same message if there are no results.
  • When trashing multiple items, the item will display in the standard format in the confirmation window.
  • It is now possible to enter search terms and select results as clickable links in the “Generate Link Window”.
  • Scrolling in the shortcuts list in the ESC menu now functions correctly.
  • Clicking "Your Petitions" in the ESC menu now opens the Your Petitions window correctly.
  • When the Fitting Management window is stacked, clicking "Cancel" now correctly closes the window.
  • Your wallet balance now correctly updates after cancelling a Buy Order.
  • When closing out the message box for exporting or importing a file, it will now cancel the operation.
  • Item descriptions and messages have been cleaned up. Double/triple/trailing spaces and wrong/missing/surplus punctuation are hereby banned, by order of the Most Renowned Committee of EVE Text Type People. (Special thanks to CCP Greyscale.)
  • Faction logo is no longer distorted on factional warfare Capture Timer.
  • “Minimize active window” shortcut has been fixed, it now works on merged windows like it used to before it was broken.
  • There were a few windows that had problems with being merged with other windows. They have been instructed to HTFU, and just do it.
  • Scrolling quickly through long lists like in the “About EVE” tab will no longer break the list.
  • The Loyalty Point Store UI can now be resized on the sides as well as the corners.
  • The red and green online/offline icons for buddies were slightly odd, we fixed them.The “Remove selected” button in Mailing List Management now notifies the user if nothing was actually selected.
  • Welcome Pages have been made two pixels wider. They were too narrow to fully cover the windows since their borders were made smaller.
  • It is no longer possible to select multiple entries in a combo box. The world is truly a better place now.
  • It is now possible to navigate and manipulate the Mail Label Management UI without a mouse.
  • Keyboard shortcuts will now work regardless of the window currently in focus.

EVE Voice, Mail & Chat

  • When the owner kicks a member from a mailing list, the list is updated and doesn't show the kicked member on the list.
  • There is now an alert if you try to send more than 5 mails within 1 minute. Spammers despair.
  • Notifications for a Corporation Tax change are only counted once in the unread mail counter.
  • The font size of the Message of the Day in a player-created chat channel does not affect the "by " after the messag
  • Notifications are now sorted correctly by date.
  • Players can now manage multiple mailing lists simultaneously.
  • Some EVE Voice-related error messages have been changed to be more informative and easy to understand.
  • Changes were made to the way Mail and Notification settings are stored. Users will have to reset them so they are no longer bugged.

CONCORD and Kill Mails

  • Corp mate dueling will no longer reset the GCC. Characters in non-player corps will still receive a GCC.
  • If a character is not in an alliance, copying and pasting the kill information now states alliance as “Unknown”.


  • Version info for has been updated. It previously listed “Apocrypha” and “2009” but now correctly indicates “Tyrannis” and “2010”.
  • An issue with probe move boxes disappearing has been fixed.
  • Mouse cursors no longer get stuck to window edges when resizing.
  • A glitch in the warp tunnel effect seen with high graphics settings has been fixed.
  • Download speed of updates will no longer be unnecessarily constrained by the EVE client architecture.
  • A crash reporter has been integrated into the client, allowing users to send debug information should a crash occur.

Localized Clients

  • The official Russian Help channel was not being displayed in the list of chat channels when running a Russian or German client. This has been corrected.
  • When composing a mail in the Russian client, the 'To' button is now properly sized and doesn't overlap the text-field next to it.
  • The ESC menu will only allow the option to select a language that EVE is localized for.


  • The browser now correctly opens links from tutorials when minimized.
  • Fixed a typo in the "Nanite Operations" skill.
  • Fixed a typo in the self-destruct message.
  • Fixed a typo when sending broadcasts.
  • Fixed a typo when joining a corp through the Show Info window.
  • Fixed a typo in the Character Sheet when displaying the bonus to training time.
  • Fixed a typo in the Redeem Items window.
  • The icons for the Strategic Cruiser skills have been corrected in the static data dump.
  • Players joining a fleet after a titan jump bridge is created are now able to use the bridge. This is also valid for other jump beacons.
  • The Standings transaction log entry on conquering FW sites was showing a placeholder instead of the actual reason. This has been fixed.
  • A typo in the Khanid Kingdom information has been corrected.
  • Sovereignty structure images are now available in the data dump.
  • Grammar has been corrected in the Amarr Navy description.
  • Audio cards no longer need SSE support.
  • The in-game browser handles invalid URLs better.
  • Jukebox can now handle capitalized file types.
  • Jukebox now allows removal of the currently playing song from the playlist.
  • Jukebox is more discerning when adding mp3 files to playlists
  • Jukebox user interface is now harder to trick with empty playlists and removed tracks.
  • Jukebox has been extensively iterated upon based on feedback and bug reports.
  • The new in-game browser handles Trusted Sites better.
  • Some of the audio crackling issues have been identified and exterminated.
  • A ship explosion audio effect is only played once instead of thrice.
  • Several minor spelling and punctuation errors have been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with ship losses not always being logged properly and kill mails not always being sent.
  • Fixed a problem where it was not possible to open wrecks by double clicking when in a large ship.
  • Fixed warp behavior when warping with bubbles on grid.
  • CacheTimers for character wallet journal API should now be consistent.
  • Wallet Journal should now support bigint refIDs
  • MailMessages API toListIDs has been renamed to toListID as it can only contain one ID.
  • Calendar and Contact API calls added (see Devblog from CCP Stillman for details).
  • StandingOwnerID added to starbase details API call (see Devblog)
  • Outpost listing API created for player corporation along with Outpost Service Details API (see Devblog)
  • For security reasons, all new character transfers will have a ten hour delay, during which time the character will unplayable. More information about this change can be found in this EVElopedia article.


  • Several exploit issues have been fixed making EVE a better world to live in for us all.