Patch Notes - Version 21.01 | EVE Online

Patch Notes - Version 21.01

2023-01-26 - By EVE Online Team


The following page will list patch notes for all updates within this release (Version 21.01). We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on EVE Online forums:

Initial Release Date: 2023-01-10
Last update: 2023-01-26

🤝 - Indicates a change inspired by player's feedback or suggestions.

RELEASES:    2023-01-10.1 |    2023-01-11.1 | 2023-01-18.1 |    2023-01-19.1 |    2023-01-24.1 |    2023-01-26.1

Patch Notes For 2023-01-26.1

Features & Changes:


  • Lowered the respawn time of Observatory Flashpoint anomalies in Pochven from 90 minutes to 35 minutes.

Defect Fixes:


  • A correction has been made to the particles on the Red Stargazer SKINs.
  • Added a fix to the particles that emerge from the Red Stargazer SKIN on the Marshal.
  • An update to depth of field (DOF) in hangars has been included, which will make them less blurry.

Patch Notes For 2023-01-24.1

Features & Changes:

New Player Experience

  • The personalisation introduction experience will now only appear once per account.


  • Content is translated in French, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese.

Defect Fixes:

New Player Experience:

  • Characters will no longer become stuck during the personalisation introduction experience after relogging during the create opening step.

Patch Notes For 2023-01-19.1

Features & Changes:


  • To Celebrate the Lunar New Year, a special set of login rewards are now available to players who login from now until the end of January.
    • Rewards include themed SKINs, skillpoints, Wightstorm Boosters and fireworks. 🎇


  • Simplified Chinese is now available as a language option on Tranquility.

User Interface

  • The New Eden Store has been adjusted to improve the visibility of previews and will now dynamically resize to better utilize available space.

Patch Notes For 2023-01-18.1

Features & Changes:


  • Added access restrictions to Tranquility from mainland China.

Patch Notes For 2023-01-11.1

Defect Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue where lighting effects were removed from certain ships when changing texture quality.
  • Fixed some issues with the new Rifter remodels where some artifacts would appear on lower detail mesh.
  • Fixed some VFX bone index and visibility issues on the new Rifter remodels while docking in Upwell structures.

Patch Notes For 2023-01-10.1

Features & Changes

Defect Fixes

Features & Changes:


  • The volume of the 'Drone Navigation Computer II' has been increased from 5m3 to 25m3 to match all other variations of this module.


  • The Crimson Harvest boosters have now expired.


  • The Rifter, as well as it‘s variants: Wolf, Jaguar, Freki and the upcoming Geri have been completely rebuilt featuring texture updates, high polygon count, warp animation and added visual effects.

User Interface:

  • Added new help pointers.
    • Show/Hide more contract search options
    • Corporation Assets
    • Map Color Settings
    • Fleet History / Broadcasts
    • Show/Hide Fleet Broadcasts
  • Added a 'board structure' option for FLEX structures in the radial menu.
  • Adjusted the tabs in the FW map in Photon UI to look more like other Photon UI windows.
  • It's now possible to load fighters into empty fighter tubes in the inventory window by right clicking on the tube and selecting fighters in your fighter bay. It's also possible to unload fighters by right clicking on a loaded tube in the inventory window also.
  • Asteroid and Gas Cloud items will now list their volume to 3 digits, so that some items like compressed veldspar will not be rounded down to incorrectly show as 0.00m3.
  • 🤝 Ansiblex gates will have the 'jump' option as available in the selected items window if you are warping there.
  • Change the goal for Enter x Combat Sites in AIR Career Program to exclude combat sites happening in starter systems.
  • Updating the goal for Hacking x Containers in AIR Career Program to exclude hacking in starter systems.
  • Change the goal for Enter x Gas sites to not include Gas Training Sites.
  • Updating the Join a Fleet goal to only include pilots joining a Fleet.
  • Added descriptions to the default overview filters.

Photon UI:

  • Added descriptions to the Overview column titles.
  • 🤝 Added proper grouping of default filters for Multiple Overviews.
  • Updated the quick-bar button icons in the Market window.
  • 🤝 Added a wallet balance indicator to the Market window's header.
    • You can switch between the Personal and Corporation Wallet via the window's top-right options menu
  • Station Services window layout has been updated.
  • Improved the selected item highlight for inventory items.
  • Updated the Docking animation.
  • 🤝 Added a button to notifications that lets you dismiss them immediately.

New Player Experience:

  • Paragon's 12 Destroyer SKINs added for the personalization introduction are now available for purchase in the New Eden Store for all players.
    • These offers retain Paragon's excellent low price, but also cannot be moved or trades after redemption
    • The offers are also currently limited to once per account, so redeem them wisely
  • The collateral cost for all Career Agent missions has been removed.
  • Improved guidance for unfitting modules during Career Agent mission fitting guidance.

Defect Fixes:


  • Aura's "Docking Permission Denied" alert will now play again when a player enlisted in Factional Warfare attempts to dock in an enemy controlled Rearguard or Command Operations system.


  • Athanor and Tatara reprocessing bonuses, as well as asteroid reprocessing structure rigs will now apply to Ducinium, Eifyrium, Mordunium and Ytirium.
  • Ducinium, Eifyrium, Mordunium and Ytirium can now be compressed inside Upwell Structures that have a Standup Reprocessing service module fitted and online.
  • Fixed an issue where FW Battlefield sites, and Observatory Flashpoint Sites could be prevented from spawning properly.
  • The "Agency Support Drop" crate item will now correctly say that it can contain level IV Hardshell, Pyrolancea and Overclocker boosters in the crate description when you attempt to open it.


  • Reflections were not correctly working on stations in some cases & polish has been applied to bring them back to their reflective glory.
  • Fixed the Ishtar Yoiul Star SKIN which had unintended Aurora Universalis VFX appearing on the ship.
  • Fixed an issue with Alliance Emblem placement on the Enforcer.


  • Client performance when multi-fitting ships with the inventory window opened while having several items in your hangar should be significantly improved.
    • The client will also perform much better when multi-fitting with large quantities of ships already in the hangar.

User Interface:

  • Fixed the Industry Window inputs overflowing when using some blueprints which contain several inputs.
  • Adjusted the environmental effect tooltip icon so that it is round rather than stretched.
  • Having double digit values in the tax percentage field no longer are cut off in the structure browser window.
  • When fitting an undersized propulsion module to a ship, it will no longer incorrectly refer to the capital modules as 1000mn and 5000mn, and instead the actual sizes 10000mn and 50000mn.
  • Fixed the top tooltip not displaying a message in the FW map for supported languages like Russian, French and Spanish.
  • The Muninn has now swapped to using missile masteries instead of projectile ones.
  • The 'Dominix Luminaire Rising SKIN' is now correctly in the Gallente battleships section of the market instead of battlecruisers.
  • Fixed an exception when trying to save a ship fitting while using a different digit grouping symbol on your computer's regional settings.
  • It's now possible to sort Ansiblex gates by stored liquid ozone amount again.
  • Items such as modules and ships can now be dragged and dropped into the 'filter on type' fields in the market orders window.
  • You will no longer be warned about 'not being able to dock again' when undocking from an enemy frontline system in factional warfare.
  • The alliance home page will now update instantly when a director submits an edit for the alliance description, instead of requiring the player to close and then re-open the alliance page to see the changes.
  • The attributes window will now update correctly if a player uses a character remap, and then plugs in implants without re-opening the attributes window.
  • Fixed an issue with Mutated Siege Modules not correctly showing Armor Repair Duration / Amount bonuses.
  • FPS Monitor window is now lockable.
  • The in-space context menu's sub-menus no longer flicker.
  • Fixed an issue where adding or removing a Linebreak will not update you have until changed tabs in Overview Settings.
  • 🤝 Make "group all" group other modules to the one with the lowest flag.
    • When grouping 8 guns, it will now group them on F1 istead on a random slot.
  • Reorder the menu in the fleet window.

Photon UI

  • The Lock button on the The Daily Login window when on the Character Selection screen is now faded out and no longer looks clickable.
  • Active ship indicator in the Inventory is no longer clipped.
  • 🤝 Scrollbar no longer overlaps brackets in in-space bracket group tooltip.
  • Skill entries in skill plans no longer have overly bright underlay when selected.
  • The 'Warp To Mining Point' button now works correctly in the Selected Item window.
  • The title in the options menu for window stacks now only shows the active window name.
  • The locked inventory item indicator no longer overlaps the class icon for fighters.
  • Jump Clone Implant icons in the Character Sheet no longer wrap to a second line when UI scaling is set to 90%.
  • 🤝 Reorganized the filter drop down menu in the D-Scan window.
  • Context menus can no longer extend outside the game window.
  • Redeem Items confirmation pop-up no longer becomes unresponsive after minimizing Info window.
  • When you have multiple Overviews, the number in the Distance column is now consistent between windows.
  • 🤝 Notification widget no longer has a plus symbol in the corner.
  • The following help pointers are working again in Photon UI.
    • Corporation Home
    • My Fleet
    • Neocom Menu
    • Change Inventory View
    • Next In Route
    • Drone Settings
    • Fleet Settings
  • The 'All' filter now correctly selects all types in Overview Settings.

New Player Experience:

  • IRIS will no longer offer the personalization introduction experience if there are no remaining avaliable offers for the relevant Destroyer SKINs.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause wrecks other than the salvage target in the second Industrialist - Entrepreneur mission to be highlighted.