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Paxton Federation Defends Providence Territories

2010-05-03 - By Svarthol

MH9C-S, Providence - Recently, Paxton Federation's sovereign space in Providence has come under attack by the region's new inhabitants. According to diplomatic sources, fights have been raging since Monday in and around the MH9C-S and AY-29I solar systems.

Paxton Federation was the only one of the former "Providence Holders" allied with Curatores Veritatis Alliance which retained sovereignty after Against ALL Authorities and its allies conquered the region. The alliance was not immediately attacked by the region's newcomers, but hostilities began after Paxton Federation ships were claimed to be working with CVA to contest sovereignty in AY-24I. Rules set by Against ALL Authorities prohibit contestation of sovereignty in the region (a protocol known as a "Non Invasion Pact" to which Paxton, as CVA allies and enemies of Against ALL Authorities, claim they never agreed).

"[Paxton's capsuleers were] found to be supporting a CVA attack on AY-24I. That, along with CVA's clear use of Paxton stations was the spark for renewed conflict," claimed Ugleb of Ushra'Khan.

Randall Alba of Paxton Federation, admitted that Curatores Veritatis' vessels are welcome in Paxton's space, however he dismissed Ushra'Khan accusations of assisting CVA as false. According to him, Curatores Veritatis' Campaign is based in Misaba and reaching Paxton's space would require CVA's pilots to fly through enemy lines and, especially, traverse the AY-24I system.

Randall is convinced that Paxton never broke a pact and stated "We have never signed [anything]... [Ushra'Khan's] claim is based on us shooting off-lined structures when our neighbours dropped their sovereignty by accident."

Information flowing from the region indicates that attacking forces comprise of capsuleers from Ushra'Khan, The Star Fraction, Chaos Theory, Daisho Syndicate, Solidas XX, Shock An Awe and several other alliances. Reportedly, no solar systems have changed hands yet and the damage to structures and vessels has yet to be estimated. It is certain, however, that Paxton Federation's forces are actually outnumbered and being forced to defend ground.

Paxton's Leader, Gibguard, explains that his alliance has been fighting for the last four months and evaluates the present effort as sustainable. "We will continue to make Providence an uncomfortable place for any unfriendly, wherever they choose to settle," he stated.

"The Ushra'Khan are committed to seeing the eradication of slaver influence in Providence and the removal of their supporters. We have entered a new phase of the war and aim to see it finished," Ugleb said.

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