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Pirates Target Explorers in Wormhole Space

2009-03-19 - By Svarthol

New Eden - With renewed interest throughout New Eden on research and exploration sparked by the emergence of the mysterious and unpredictable wormholes, there has been an increase in acts of aggression upon ‘Targets of Opportunity' by pirate and mercenary corporations.

The threat of piracy is growing daily. Pirate and Mercenary corporations all over New Eden are roaming within the boundaries of these new cosmic signatures, using their shadow to trap the unwary. Some of these are even choosing to make these places home, preying on those who enter the uncharted systems. The threat of piracy in Empire space has been tempered by CONCORD in the past, but with the emergence of wormholes, the threat has been renewed and the unwary are falling victim.

There are pilots who inhabit the vast expanse of space not protected by CONCORD. Many must live in these regions because their crimes have made it impossible to enter CONCORD protected space without dire consequences. Some of these pilots may now be as close to Empire as the entrance to the nearest wormhole. Even as those Industrialists and explorers who would explore the wormholes were preparing to do so, these pirates were making preparations as well.  

According to MirrorGod, CEO of Heretic Army, "When the first news from GalNet came in of these cosmic appearances, only minutes later were our pilots producing the launchers and probes necessary to find them, within the hour, we'd found our first wormhole next door."  He continues, "...20 odd of our pilots attended [entering the wormhole]. We did quite a job against the sleeper resistance and managed to strike blood on the other explorers as well."

RedSplat, a member of Heretic Army, replies when asked about how targets are identified, "If ships are identified on scan that aren't in fleet, they are probed out and eliminated..." He continues, "[the wormholes] have been bubbled, [capsuleers] ransomed and offered a route out for ISK if their fleet's covops ship [is destroyed]."

While it appears that some who would explore the wormholes, and harvest the treasures that lie therein, are uneasy and in some cases ill-prepared for the unpredictable nature of wormhole entry and exit points, these pirates do not share these concerns and in fact, are quite comfortable with the phenomenon.

"Wormhole operations came natural, we're well adjusted to a nomadic brand of piracy." states CEO MirrorGod. When asked about the future of wormhole exploration, he concludes, "...as time goes on and as the hype surrounding these new cosmic anomalies settle, I certainly intend on using them to make things less safe for those who believe they can hide behind a secure star-gate."

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