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Player Owned Customs Offices: An update!

2011-11-15 - By CCP Omen


First of all we want to thank you for all your feedback and interest in the Player Owned Customs Office!

We have gone through the thread and thanks to the efforts of the community team as well as Team Pi members sitting up all night following the thread we believe we have a pretty good grasp on your feedback and your concerns (let us know if we don't).

One thing that really stood out was your concern for the transition period when all customs offices will be removed. As a result, we have revised the deployment plan of the Player Customs Office feature.

The new deployment plan:

  • The highsec Customs Offices are transferred to CONCORD as previously planned
  • Ownership of all lowsec, 0.0 and wormhole  Customs Offices is transferred to NPC corp “Interbus”
  • The Interbus Customs Offices can be used for PI or shot down (without standing or security penalty)
  • Interbus Customs Offices will not be de-spawned, they  will remain until destroyed by players
  • The Interbus Corporation will charge slightly more tax than CONCORD and we will continue to monitor the tax rates for both CONCORD and Interbus

So that is the deployment plan, now to some features we are doing directly based on your feedback.

The things we are doing:

  • Custom tax rates for different users! (Your corp, standing to your corp, your alliance)


  • Customs Office ownership can be transferred to any player corporations (let the bartering begin!)

  • Notification when attacked (below 99% shield) and when put in reinforced

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  • Player Owned Customs Office generates kill mail!

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  • Changed Customs Office Gantry size to 7600 m3
  • Increased PCO cargo capacity from 25000 to 35000 m3

And remember, if you are worried about the Customs Office Gantry Blueprint being expensive on the market, you can prepare by getting the required Loyalty Points in advance.

  • You need 3000 LP with a factional warfare militia and 10,000,000.00 ISK
  • Or, you need 6000 LP with CONCORD and 20,000,000.00 ISK

We hope that you like the adjustments we are doing, we certainly value the feedback!

The Player Owned Customs Office feature will launch with the winter expansion.

May your plans be dark and full of tax money!

Best regards

CCP Omen on behalf of Team Pi


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