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PLEX for GOOD: Ukraine Raises $501,652

2022-03-31 - By EVE Online Team

Generous Capsuleers,

Together we have achieved something amazing. With the PLEX for GOOD: Ukraine fundraiser now wrapped, together Capsuleers, individual EVE developers and CCP Games have raised a remarkable $501,652 USD. That money will now directly help those impacted by the ongoing war in Ukraine, including the millions forced to flee their homes and lives to find safety.

The total amount will be converted to real world money and donated to both UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and the National Bank of Ukraine Humanitarian Assistance campaign.

UNHCR works in over 130 countries, protecting people forced to flee their homes because of war and persecution. Their effort is focused on life-saving support, safeguarding fundamental human rights and helping them build a better future – and as a result of the current war, UNHCR has increased its focus inside Ukraine and across the neighbouring countries that have provided a safe haven for the million displaced in recent weeks.

The National Bank of Ukraine Humanitarian Assistance, meanwhile, is focusing its efforts on helping those that remain in Ukraine, providing food, shelter, medicine, clothing, shoes, and staple goods to citizens and refugees who have been displaced due to the conflict. The National Bank of Ukraine Humanitarian Assistance also delivers one-off financial aid to those in need, while endeavouring to support the overall needs of the population.


You, the amazing Capsuleers of New Eden, proved that kindness and humanity are core values of our EVE community, by contracting PLEX to the in-game character CCP PLEX for GOOD, an account operated by CCP Games. Our developers – who hail from all over the world including Ukraine and Russia – also made numerous donations to PLEX for GOOD themselves, with CCP then matching all total donations for the campaign.

With the war still having such an awful impact on so many millions, it remains a time for empathy with all impacted, and hope for resolutions that lead to lasting peace. Yet the EVE community should rightly feel proud about what you have achieved – it will very directly help other people in great need. At CCP, there is a sense of deep gratitude that the player community has been so generous in coming together.

And looking back across all the PLEX for GOOD campaigns together, in total we have now raised over $1.2 million USD. It’s a true demonstration that EVE community is about a lot more than simply enjoying video games.

  • 2005 - $25,326 – Southeast Asia (tsunami)
  • 2010 - $34,350 – Haiti (earthquake)
  • 2010 - $38,900 – Pakistan (monsoon)
  • 2011 - $44,600 – Japan (earthquake and tsunami)
  • 2011 - $32,900 – United States (Hurricane Irene)
  • 2013 - $190,890 – Philippines (Typhoon Haiyan)
  • 2015 - $103,650 – Nepal (earthquake)
  • 2020 - $107,454 - Australia (bushfires)
  • 2020 - $135,550 - Global (COVID-19)
  • 2022 - $501,652 – Ukraine (war)


If you are still looking to donate to help people impacted by the war in Ukraine, we encourage you to make a direct donation to one of the following organizations who are actively providing aid:


The EVE Online community is about fun, adventure and the excitement that can be found in New Eden. But our collective power also means we can do amazing things – and we should never forget what can be achieved. We have the ability – even responsibility – to make a positive difference to people and the planet we share.

And it all starts with respect, kindness and supporting fellow humans. If we make that the standard in all we do within the EVE community, we can – as PLEX for Good: Ukraine shows – achieve amazing things.