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Pondering The Win - the ultimate EVE counterfactual

2008-01-29 - By Svarthol

Can 0.0 ever be conquered? Why would anyone want to try? Should they, and how they might go about such a task? Moreover, what might the consequences for the inhabitants of EVE be after such rampant colonialism is concluded?

...These are among the questions we hope to answer as we put together the next issue of E-ON, questions being pondered over by Nate Combs, a regular contributor to the respected online journal Terra Nova, and who is its most prolific commentator on all things EVE. His studies and search for anecdotes will take in historical parallels from the real and fictitious worlds and from the thoughts and views of the EVE community.

To be clear, this isn't about alliances controlling a few regions, this is a study about coalitions of alliances - player-empires - dominating 0.0. To that end I am asking for a discussion on this topic; one that I hope will be good-natured and, by the end, full of the kind of insight the EVE community is famed for. I will also be messaging prominent alliance leaders past and present for their direct opinions, so if you see an EVEmail from me, or an email from a friend of a friend, then please do me the honor of responding. Or, you can message me in-game first, of course

This is one of the most ambitious articles attempted for EON to date, one that will benefit from a full-bodied and fruity discussion in which I trust everyone will play nice. Even if you're far away from 0.0, even if your apathetic to the dealings of EVE's largest powers, domination by one or other could affect you and so everyone is welcome to participate - in spite of how ridiculous the premise is... or isn't

Thanks in advance for your time.