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Post Downtime Skill Training Issue Resolved!

2015-11-12 - By CCP Falcon

We are happy to announce that the post downtime skill training issue that some players have been experiencing today has been identified and resolved.

Skill training should now be functioning correctly, and training will resume as normal. This issue has only affected characters that logged in during the time between the end of today's daily downtime, and 14:30 UTC today. Characters logging in from 14:30 UTC onward will be unaffected.

In addition to this, we have identified every character that has been affected by adverse skill training on Tranquility, and are making preparations to reimburse any skillpoints that were missed during this issue.

If your characters are missing skillpoints, it will not be necessary to file a support ticket for this issue, we will be reimbursing all missed skill training during downtime on Tuesday November 17th 2015.

You can feel free to continue to discuss this topic in this thread.