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Pre-order Your Collector’s Edition Today

2023-07-07 - By EVE Online Team

Dedicated Capsuleers,

Celebrate your connection to the community and legacy of EVE Online with the new 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, available to pre-order from today from Limited Run Games!
Released in limited quantities and packed with physical and digital contents you’ll not find anywhere else, it offers pilots from across the EVE universe a chance to take home their own permanent tribute to New Eden’s people, culture, technology, and community. Don’t miss out on this chance to own a piece of EVE Online’s remarkable history!

Produced in celebration of EVE’s 20-year milestone, the Collector’s Edition brings the most devoted Capsuleers incredible value. Featuring a stunning 8” Megathron ship model, an irresistible 6” Fedo plushie, an original EVE watercolor print by artist Lloyd George, an exclusive New Eden Soundtrack CD including never-before-released tracks (and a download code for the digital version), and a highly detailed 18” x 24” ship blueprint poster, it’s the ultimate collection for the most devoted Capsuleers.

Pick up your copy and you’ll also secure an unmissable high-quality metal lapel pin set featuring the logos of the four Empires and a commemorative 20th Anniversary pin, and a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by a CCP dev. That means you might find your certificate signed by CCP Hellmar, CCP Fozzie, CCP Aurora, or another member of the team. It’s also packed with digital items including two new exclusive SKINs for the Tornado and Vagabond, a Metamorphosis BPC, a full set of four Genolution Core Augmentation (CA) implants, and five SOCT ships.

Produced in collaboration with the collectible edition specialists at Limited Run Games, the items in the set pay tribute to EVE Online, and the legacy built by its community of players. Seize your chance to display that you belong to the greatest community there is.

Pre-orders for the 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, priced at USD $174.99, are open at Limited Run Games now.

Sincere thanks to every pilot that has made EVE Online what it is. Here’s to flying into our third decade together – perhaps while clutching a Fedo plushie.