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President Foiritan addresses Gallente Federation.

2008-11-14 - By Svarthol

Luminaire - President Foiritan addressed the Gallente Federation today in the aftermath of the invasion of Federation territory, apparently by military forces belonging to the Amarr Kador Family.

"An enemy chose to attack our Federation with the presumption that we were weak," the President began, taking his time.  "That mistake cost them dearly. The Federation Navy met the invading fleets with such force that they were wholly routed and destroyed. "

"No quarter was given to the invaders who attacked our people; those few who survived now await trial for their crimes."  The President went on to say that while the motivation and circumstances of the attack were still unclear, Federation military intelligence is currently considering what action to take next. 

The President wrapped up his speech saying,"This sends a strong message out to all those who might think the Federation easy prey. While we hold our values dear, we will protect those values with terrible force, and if necessary with our lives. Long live the Federation."