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Presidential campaign heats up as candidates clash.

2004-10-22 - By Svarthol

Even this early in the campaign for the Federation presidency it is becoming evident that this will be anything but a quiet campaign fought on issues alone. Already the candidates are getting their smear machines into gear, ready to throw every bit of dirt at each other that they manage to dig up or fabricate. The negative image this generates is already spreading to the supporters and culminated last night when opposing groups clashed at a mud wrestle match, fittingly enough.

Political pundits are predicting an ugly campaign season ahead, where every trick in the book will be employed by all sides. Though issues are expected to play second fiddle to personas and charisma, the ones that will garner the most attention are: terrorism, relations with neighboring states such as the Caldari State and the Intaki Syndicate, and integrating the blooming space industry with the existing planet-based economy.

Corporate lobbyists have begun evaluating the candidates, deciding which one will fit their own agenda best. Established corporations like Quafe and CreoDron can mage a huge impact on the outcome, depending on where their support lands, but some are hinting that the surprise package in these elections may be the space pilots. With their privileged positions and increasing wealth their actions may very well be the deciding factor when the dust finally settles come January.