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Price Indices - August 2011

2011-10-04 - By CCP Recurve

The four price indices of New Eden have been calculated for August 2011.  Allow me to apologize for how late this is published.  I will try to deliver future index blogs in a more timely manner.  For more detail on the indices, please refer to the Market Indices page on Evelopedia.

Datacore prices rose by almost 7% in August.  This is a rebound from the drop caused by the changes to the agent system in June.  The changes improved agent quality and reduced their standing requirements, possibly spurring sellers to sell existing stock quickly.

The price of ice products fell by 7% while the PI made POS fuel rose by 8%.  Interestingly, these product groups, which are both used to fuel starbases, among other uses, seem to have a negatively correlated price series, as shown in the following graph.  When the price of either group rises, the other one falls.  Do rising prices of one group significantly reduce the number of starbases in operation, which subsequently reduces the demand for the other group or is there some other cause?

Click image to enlarge.

The index values for August are:

 **August 2011****1 Month Change****12 Month Change**
Mineral Price Index73.11.4%15.4%
Primary Producer Price Index77.61.5%28.9%
Secondary Producer Price Index111.91.0%9.8%
Consumer Price Index65.20.3%7.8%

The following graph shows the development of the indices since October 2003.

Click image to enlarge.

Full series of the four main price indices in Excel format

Full series of the four main price indices in CSV format

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