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Price Indices – July 2011

2011-09-01 - By CCP Recurve

The four price indices of New Eden have been calculated for July 2011.  For more detail on the indices, please refer to the price level chapter of the QEN.

The Mineral Price Index seem to be stabilizing after a sharp fall in the last two months, but individual minerals are still fluctuating a bit.

The 2.4% fall in the Primary Producer Price Index is mainly driven by a  13% fall in the price of Technetium.  Technetium prices had been rising steadily since Tech II blueprint requirements were changed in the Dominion expansion.  In June, this trend started to reverse, with Technetium prices falling by 4.5%, and in July, the price dropped by 13%.  This comes at a time when the Northern Coalition, known as a major producer of Technetium, lost a lot of ground.  Technetium moons changing hands may hamper moon mining operations for a short while, which would reduce supply.  This should raise the price instead of reducing it.  However, supply of Technetium does not seem to have been affected noticeably.  Trade volume of Technetium was at normal levels in June and July, rising a bit from May.  Produced mass of Tech II ships also remained fairly stable.

The price of PLEX falls by 5% from June to July.  The average price in July is on par with that of April.  Speculative trading in PLEX, following a dev blog on virtual goods, seems to have created a modest spike in prices in May and June, which has now settled back at pre-blog levels.

The values for July are:

July 2011

1 Month Change

12 Month Change

Mineral Price Index




Primary Producer Price Index




Secondary Producer Price Index




Consumer Price Index




The graph shows the development of the indices since October 2003.

![](// 2011-07.png)

[Full series of the four main price indices in Excel format](// Indices-Jul11.xlsx)

[Full series of the four main price indices in CSV format](// Indices-Jul11.csv)

The August indices are expected to be published around the middle of September.