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Production, production, production - we want more production ....

2009-08-18 - By CCP Dr.EyjoG

The Quarterly Economic Newsletter for Q2 of 2009 is now ready with some very interesting info on Tech II production and changes in ships flying in space.  Of course it has other standard info as well, such as price indices, market snapshots and demographic information and some new info on how ISK is distributed throughout space.

It takes a lot of work from many people to make a QEN.  There is a team of researchers that mines the massive amount of data available from TQ and analyse it to the best of our knowledge.  But once that work is done another team takes over and creates the awesome looking layout of the pdf document and everyone within CCP is given the opportunity to read over the document and comment on the content and findings presented there.  So many thanks go to all of those that have worked on this issue of the QEN, even working very late into the night to make sure that it gets published.

EVE has emerged as a society on its own, with player driven economy, politics and democratically elected council.  This means that even though we have access to terabytes of data we do not always know exactly what is going on because much of what goes on the market is a part of future plans for individuals, corporations and alliances.  We can use standard economic theory to analyse general trends but getting down to the specifics takes you guys, the pilots of EVE, to digest and debate the findings in the QEN for the second quarter of 2009.

So let the games begin - looking forward to reading and discussing your comments.

  • EyjoG and the research team