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Prominent cloning researcher assassinated

2005-10-23 - By Svarthol

A scientist researching new cloning techniques was murdered on Saturday evening while en route to his Yulai laboratories.

The man, who was identified as one Dr Tourny – an expert in the field of cloning technology; was apparently set upon by several individuals in the Du Annes solar system and suffered a fatal capsule breach during the altercation.

At this time the motive for the killing is unclear, but thought to involve research Dr Tourny had been conducting into a new type of clone. Purportedly having a 100% memory retention rate; this would theoretically eliminate the risk of any brain damage resulting in skill or memory loss after pod death.

Though Dr Tourny has written several scientific papers on his research, no conclusive evidence has been put forward to support his theories.

The attack is believed to have been orchestrated by members of rival organisation – Deko Industries, who were reportedly accompanied by a mercenary pilot identified as Xuthas.

Though Dr Tourny is not thought to have suffered a final death, the current whereabouts and condition of his clone is as yet unknown. Sources within the scientific community speculate that Tourny may have been using one of his own prototype clones before the attack.

No remains were recovered amongst the wreckage of Tourny’s ship, and his assailants are thought to have escaped with his cadaver.