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Providence Holders Lose Four Systems, AAA Announces Plans For the Region

2010-03-13 - By Svarthol

Y-MPWL, Providence – in the ongoing conflict in the Providence region over the past two weeks the Holders lost control of four systems to Against All Authorities [AAA], Ushra’Khan [UK], Systematic-Chaos [SYS-K] and Atlas Alliance [ATLAS].

The Y-MPWL system changed sovereignty control from Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] to AAA a little more than a week ago, an anonymous source close to AAA stated that this capture was part of the new offensive in the region, “operations are solely focused on a selection of locations which are of interest for sovereignty” and commented on recent reports of a ‘lock down’ of the Providence region through the control of Empire access routes, “during operations we lock down systems, but outside of operations Providence is pretty open to its inhabitants as well as travellers [and attacking alliances are not] focusing on dictating traffic or movements.”

The same source explained that the capture of Y-MPWL progressed quietly with no major engagements and that a minimal resistance of regular skirmishes between roaming gangs was encountered. Commenting on the overall conflict, the source went on to add “we still consider the conflict to be unfortunate... we also feel that it is not our job to deal with the populace of Providence since we have no interest in ruling it in any way or form. In regards to diplomatic solutions, unfortunately you could say the zealots find dealing with reality or even realpolitik irreconcilable with their religious doctrine. It is clear however that through face to face contacts, parties involved have managed to get a better understanding of each other’s viewpoints, even on their respective behavioural mechanisms. Unfortunately, such understanding remains on a level of capsuleers and is currently not enough as it seems to pave the way for organisational understanding.”

The G-5EN2 system was captured by UK on the following day with R3-K7K falling to Systematic-Chaos the day after and just a few days ago this period of engagements ended with 9-F0B2 being captured by ATLAS. Karn Mithralia of UK confirmed that while the other systems were taken with minimal resistance, in 9-F0B2 “ATLAS moved on it with their allies, mostly with input for UK, AAA and SYS-K... I believe it finally fell... Fidelas Constans [FCON] put up a very stalwart defence supported by CVA. They deserve a warrior’s respect for the way they fought against overwhelming odds.” Commenting on the different alliances taking control of systems in Providence, Karn Mithralia explained each alliance is seeking to establish a second gateway into empire as a means of securing strengthened supply chains to further support the offensive and as a means to control space. Regarding plans for the region, UK reported it plans to “hold those systems so that once CVA and their close allies are removed we can open access up to Providence again... we certainly do not seek to replace CVA and will not be forcing standings or rules of engagement on our allies... our vision of free space is not of a shepherd to sheep. Providence future residents will be able to stand on their own two feet.”

An anonymous source close to ATLAS reported that the Alliance has plans to “continue pushing until the Providence bloc is either destroyed or surrenders." Tzuko1 of ATLAS commented on the capture of 9-F0B2, “we have not decided yet what to do with that system, but we will surely not keep it – I think some renters will be interested in it.” Referring to the Providence ‘lock down’, Tzuko1 added: “it’s true we are controlling exits and jump bridge systems too, no one gets out... our capital fleet is ready as you can see [we are] hot dropping Rorqual’s, Freighters and Carriers in the area with our capital and super capital vessels – we just did not have [any engagement where we could properly use our capital fleet].”

Manfred Sideous of AAA explained that the recent offensive was the “next logical step” after pausing aggressive action twice to give CVA a chance to consider peace. “We regret CVA leadership’s position but are committed in our task to secure our borders from strategic threats.” Asked to comment on AAA’s plans for the region Manfred Sideous answered “we intend to repopulate Providence with many alliances, currently we have over 20 lined up. All will be handed an area for which to grow from. We do not intend to govern Providence other than to enforce a no sovereignty war rule to protect these new and young budding alliances. Their politics will be for them to decide individually, we will just ensure that they have a real chance at growing without being steamrolled by a large hostile force.” Asked to explain how exactly this sovereignty was going to be distributed, Manfred Sideous explained “we are basing it off a few criteria [such as] alliance size [since] we want them to be able to utilize the space they will retain [as well as] geography... to make sure that we keep groups in a consolidated area instead of spread out across large areas. Some groups will have very small areas while others will have larger areas. It should be noted that we intend to keep a few of the current Holders in place as well.” Further details are currently classified but AAA has “a pretty clear gameplan going forward... in the short term Providence is very hostile environment with the goal of making it very inclusive to small groups of players wanting to taste and experience [nullsec]. The exit points will be controlled sovereignty wise but there are no designs to police or restrict traffic through them. Providence is like a rainforest currently we are weeding it and will replant it with a bounty of new inhabitants.”

Asked to comment on the overall conflict, Manfred Sideous stated “it is a large undertaking with the new [infrastructure] mechanics [to take] 50 stations. So far it is going as expected. The frequency of fights and battles has gone down but this is expected... [it] requires effort and work... we realize this and are meeting the challenge well. CVA is committed to an attrition style defence, whereby their intended goal is deny [large engagements] and minimize isk loss for them so they can rally when/if we lose interest. So the lack of resistance is understood.”

CVA executor Aralis confirmed that in 9-F0B2 the Providence Holders lead the assaulters to suffer hundreds of casualties in ships and showed great suspicion of AAA’s current plans for the region: “I doubt many are foolish enough to fall for such nonsense. I feel sorry for any who are. It's obviously intended as some absurd propaganda. Though as even a four year old could see it couldn't work and nobody with any sense would trust them I can't really see why they bother.”

Commenting on the Providence ‘lock down’, Aralis explained “self evidently they have hit the exit systems. There is no lockdown.” Regarding the overall conflict Aralis maintained his previous statements about a long engagement and stated that in his opinion the conflict is still in the very early days. “We are being attacked by half of [New Eden]. I think our victory is still some way off. Clearly this will be a long war. Even the faithful will not quickly vanquish such a collection of enemies.”

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