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Provists Call for Quafe to Lose State Corporation Status

2010-04-16 - By Svarthol

New Caldari - Quafe Company shares dropped today on the major Caldari exchanges following a petition to the Chief Executive Panel by the Caldari Providence Directorate to revoke the Gallente firm's State-granted corporate status.

Citing Quafe's ties to the Federation and its government, the Directorate's petition states Quafe's unique status as the only non-Caldari corporation with domestic corporate sovereignty and its attendant rights pose an "insidious economic and political threat to the stability of the Caldari State."

The CEP tabled consideration of the petition after initial discussions failed to reach a consensus. Sukuuvestaa Corporation in particular seemed opposed. "Quafe is an integral part of the State's economy," said Sirotova Uesi, CFO for the megacorporation. "Gallente or not, suddenly revoking their status could have undesirable consequences."

Agencourt Ambrulle, Chief Coordinator of Public Relations for Quafe, disagrees with Ms. Uesi's comments. "We currently employ millions of hard-working Caldari citizens [in the State], none of whom would be pleased with, for example, wage loss due to State injunction."

In regards to the CPD's position that Quafe is a liability, Ambrulle stated, "Quafe is not an organ of the Federal government, nor do we act on its behalf."