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Qualifying Has Ended For the Eighth Alliance Tournament

2010-06-14 - By Svarthol

Round Two of Qualifying has ended. Next week will mark the beginning of the Finals for Alliance Tournament VIII.

Interestingly enough, the Drake has dropped from the number one slot down to a tie in third with the Scimitar at 52 fielded. The top ships fielded to date are the Dramiel and Hurricane at 61 each. Second place is the Rook at 54 fielded.

Finals begin next weekend. With only a handful of flagships fielded so far, the Finals are shaping up to be a show of force as the rest of the teams put them into play.

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BIG Lottery is still taking bets on the outcome of Alliance Tournament VIII. As of this writing, Pandemic Legion is favored for the win.

BIG Lottery AT8 Betting Portal

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