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Quarterly Economic Newsletter, 1st Quarter 2008 is finally here

2008-10-16 - By CCP Dr.EyjoG

Dear capsuleers,

First of all I must apologize to all of you that have been waiting for the next QEN.  This one is long overdue.  The main reason for this cancellation has been an over commitment of our resources, both my own as well as those of other supporting roles that we need in order to be able to make each QEN.  But in the end the responsibility is mine, and mine alone, and therefore I apologize to all of you, our faithful pilots, for this delay in the publication.

But the good news is that the we have solved our resource problem by adding more good people to the CCP team and aim to be back on track with publishing the 2nd Quarter QEN before mid of November, the 3rd Quarter QEN in December and the 4th Quarter QEN on schedule in January.

The QEN published now is the one for the 1st Quarter of 2008.  As usual you will find standard information on price changes as well as market snapshots.  We also have a section on the destruction of mining ships back in February and March and finally we look at production data by character in order to identify how many are participating in the industrial part of the game.

I do hope that you will all find something of interest within this QEN and I am looking forward to the ensuing forum discussion.

QEN Q1 2008 (PDF)