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Race Commissioners To Execute Buyback Thursday

2004-06-07 - By Svarthol

This coming Thursday, buyback commissioners from the four empires will commence direct trade proceedings for Jovian body parts. Beginning at 12:00 EVT, the four will open up shop at the stations mentioned below, where they will for the next twelve hours (until 0:00 EVT) accept offers of direct trade for the parts of Misu Baniya, the Jovian liaison so tragically scattered across the universe in last month’s highly unusual diplomatic imbroglio. The commissioners will also be accepting body part donations from those who wish to serve their empire without monetary gain.

Parties wishing to unload their pieces are asked to get in touch with the appropriate commissioner during the aforementioned time frame at the following stations:

Commissioner Liriko Ashaten
New Caldari IV – Moon 1 – Chief Executive Panel Bureau

Commissioner Yonel Saktar
Pator III – Moon 2 – Republic Security Services Assembly Plant

Commissioner Gushe Aryat
Luminaire VII – Moon 1 – Federation Customs Testing Facilities

Commissioner Cedus Marakez
Amarr VI – Moon 2 – Theology Council Tribunal

The Cloaking technology blueprints will be handed out within two weeks' time to all parties managing to fulfill the minimum batch orders. Anyone who wishes to donate a sum below the minimum batch order may do so for the good of their Empire, but will receive no monetary compensation.