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Raven State Issue Ship to be Auctioned

2010-12-10 - By Svarthol

​​Jita, THE FORGE - Capsuleer F90OEX is currently holding an auction that may end with one of the largest sums ever paid in a single transaction.

F90OEX is auctioning a Raven State Issue currently in his possession. Only four of these hulls were ever built; the ships were awarded to the Band of Brothers alliance as grand prize for winning the 3rd Alliance Tournament held roughly four years ago.

As he wrote in his opening post on GalNet, F90OEX believes it to be unlikely that a Raven State Issue will ever again be sold and that in addition to the ship (including the original fitting), he would possibly be inclined to gift the highest bidder with "a secure can of 90+ Estamel only [modules]", which he believes to be "worth another 300[billion]" and for which he would not have any more use after the ship was sold.

As for the motivation of potential bidders, capsuleer Tyler, who recently bid 230 billion ISK, was available for an early comment, explaining that his deciding factor for placing the bid was just "to be able to say I have owned the ship". Should he win the auction, he claims he might put it back up for sale later, but he also stated that he would like to see the ship in actual use again: "Well this is hypocritical coming from me, but I'd love to see someone [fight] with it and be successful if only to give others enjoyment out of seeing the ship in action [...]"

At the time of writing, the highest bid stands at 250 billion ISK, with the auction scheduled to end this Sunday.

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