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Razor Erebus Downed by Sub-Capital Fleet

2008-11-21 - By Svarthol

1IX-C0 - At 18:28 tonight (21.11.110), the final shot landed in the hull of a RAZOR alliance Erebus.

Titan pilot Shizah of Cutting Edge Incorporated had engaged G00DFELLAS and Axiom Empire forces at a small control tower belonging to Demonic Retribution, in an effort to assist three allied motherships and a carrier trapped there.

On arrival at the scene, the titan was engaged by several Broadsword heavy interdictor cruisers. At 18:18, it activated its doomsady weapon, the Aurora Ominae, releasing a wave of anti-matter that drenched the battlefield in apocalyptic heat.

While the tackling forces took some damage, the Broadswords survived, and the Erebus could not escape.

G00DFELLAS and Axiom Empire called in support from Band of Brothers and Triumvirate., and as soon as the flash of the doomsday weapon faded away, they brought in a large sub-capital sniper fleet and support.

Everything from Apocalypse-class battleships to Taranis interceptors converged on the scene and opened fire on the helpless Erebus. Initial reports estimate over 300 ships assaulting the helpless titan, causing over 2 million damage on the DED standard scale.

Razor estimate their losses in the engagement at over 75 billion isk. The attackers lost almost 60 ships, but their craft were far cheaper, making their isk losses roughly one-thirtieth of RAZOR's.

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