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Rebellion Alliance Collapses: Geminate Opens Up

2011-02-16 - By Svarthol

O2O-2X - Rebellion Alliance collapsed as it lost all of its sovereignty in Geminate over the weekend. Rumors abound, but the cause of the collapse is not known for certain.

Several systems in Geminate were fought over viciously in an impressive string of battles, some of which had over 900 capsuleers in system and saw numerous titans and supercarriers fielded. The battles come as no surprise to people familiar with the region: Geminate has been a hotbed of conflict in recent years.

It may take days to analyze the results of the seemingly chaotic system and station grabs that occurred in these running battles.

As for Rebellion Alliance, many believe that the alliance was taken out from the inside. One very strong indicator that supports this rumor is that sovereignty was not lost system by system, but rather throughout all of Rebellion Alliance space. Coupled with a drastic drop in membership, evidence seems to point to an unplanned disbanding.

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Geminate DOTLAN Sovereignty Map

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