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Recruitment Evolved

2022-11-19 - By EVE Online Team

Social capsuleers,

EVE’s ‘Recruit a Friend’ program has long been a great way to invite your friends to play EVE together, but often you make new friends in space - so why miss out on recruitment rewards?

Following popular demand from corporations and alliances, it has now been made possible to recruit an existing account and still be eligible for rewards defined by the Recruitment Program rules. And you can be sure the rewards are well worth the effort of getting your friends involved in EVE!

How does it work?

There are rewards for the recruiter, and the recruit. Recruits will receive 1,000,000 SP immediately after being recruited, saving them around three weeks of skill training. If the recruit subscribes to Omega following their recruitment, the recruiter will then receive 15 days of free Omega — plenty of time to join each other in fleets and have fun in space! What's more, if the recruit purchases PLEX, the recruiter then gets four master-at-arms cerebral accelerators, which increase a pilot’s skill development for 24 hours. These can be traded on the market or shared with the recruit because generosity always pays off.

So go check out the new terms of the program, find a recruiter, recruit new friends, reap the rewards, and use them wisely!