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Regarding AFK Complex Farming

2012-08-09 - By CCP Sreegs

Dearest Internet Spaceship Pilots,

It has come to our attention recently that there are pilots in New Eden engaging in AFK Complex farming. Specific examples of this include such activities as warping into a particular room in a complex, dropping sentry drones, then going to do your laundry or perhaps watch a 24 hour Lazytown marathon. While this activity does not necessitate the use of a 3rd party program in order to carry it out you ARE generating income in an automated fashion while sleeping which is not being present playing the game. As such our automated systems will continue to detect and institute administrative actions for this activity. We do not find this to be acceptable gameplay.

All accounts which were tagged prior to this notification will be given the benefit of the doubt and a one-time “amnesty”, removing the offending marks from the account. Going forward any administrative actions will remain in place. Game Design will also be looking at changing our complex systems so that this is no longer possible in the near future.

Thank you for your time and attention,
CCP Sreegs


There seems to be scattered confusion about this so in order to clarify, no we are not telling you not to use drones or not to get up to use the bathroom. Administrative action against your account in this case would only come from rather extreme examples of abuse such as farming an effected complex 24 hours a day or some period of time beyond human capacity, which is deemed abusive. You may feel free to feed yourself while playing EVE Online without threat of punishment.

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