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Reidmar Clan Succession Ritual Delayed

2007-08-05 - By Svarthol

GALLAREUE - After intensive talks with Gallente Federation government officials, the Reidmar clan has agreed to not conduct their traditional Fen'dha ritual to determine the successor to their recently deceased leader, Anfinn.

Anfinn had passed on the 16th of May after an extended struggle with an unspecified illness. The Minmatar Vherokior clan - recently relocated to Gallente space - had raised concerns amongst citizens of Gallareue VIII due to the brutal nature of the ritual when clan spokesman, Einir, offered a public invitation to the event via a GalNet message.

The Fen'dha ritual involves two contenders for clan leadership fighting to the death. Historically a terrestrial event, the ritual was to be held in space for the first time in the clan's history to honour the memory of Anfinn, who had ushered in a new era for the clan when he financed several Reidmar clan members' training in the use of pod technology. The capsule mechanisms for both participating pilots were to be disabled to prevent any clone activation upon defeat.

"My initial approaches to the clan went unheard," stated Evaner d'Souj, representative of the Gallente Local Commission for Inter-Pod Pilot Affairs. "So I took the liberty to invite them to talks via the public GalNet." These public overtures were as unsuccessful as his original attempts to engage the clan in discussions about the event, but his persistence eventually resulted in a delay to the combat ritual. "They were literally days from conducting the combat in which one of the two participants would definitely lose their lives," expressed a relieved d'Souj. "Naturally many of the local Gallente citizens were distraught over the prospect of such an event taking place over their heads."

The subsequent talks with the clan bore fruit as they acquiesced to the desires of the local parliament and agreed not to conduct the lethal Fen'dha ritual, opting instead to "begin a new era of democratic leadership selection" according to d'Souj. "I would like to extend my deepest thanks to the Reidmar clan for their patience and understanding in these matters, and wish them well in their new dawn" added d'Souj, in closing.