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Reppola, Okalala Called To Malkalen; Ishukone Stock Rebounds

2009-04-23 - By Svarthol

Malkalen – The Ishukone board has called Ishukone Watch CEO Mens Reppola and Minedrill CEO Soisonen Okalala to meet with them at the megacorporation's headquarters, where they have sat in emergency session since yesterday. While some analysts believe this may be a precursor to a CEO announcement, many suggest this is a sign of desperation as well as an indication the board may be attempting to broker some sort of compromise.

Meanwhile, a surge of buying at the opening of the markets helped buoy the company's stock price from yesterday's lows. “The selling yesterday was clearly overzealous,” said Inala Oshomi, senior financial advisor at Caldari Funds Unlimited. “These are bargain hunters looking to pick up Ishukone stock while it's undervalued, and tomorrow we'll likely see another decline as people take their money and run.”

In other Ishukone news, doctors at Zainou Executive Medical Center report that 118 year old Natasha Ogemi is in serious but stable condition and has regained consciousness following her collapse, which was confirmed as a seizure related to her Mortensen's Syndrome. Doctors expect her to make a full recovery, but suggest that it could be several weeks before she can resume her normal schedule.