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Republic Fleet bring rescue operations in Aset to an end

2008-11-24 - By Svarthol

Aset - The Republic Fleet announced today that it was bringing to an end rescue operations that have been ongoing for the last few weeks at the site of the asteroid mine collapse.

In a statement issued this morning, the Fleet claimed it had recovered over 500 miners, most of whom only sustained relatively minor injuries thanks mainly to the protection afforded by the Deep Ore Mining Units [DOMUs] they were operating at the time.  The Fleet stated that 78 miners were currently undergoing treatment, but they declined to give a full list of casualties at this time.

When questioned, the Fleet refused to comment on the cause of the collapse, despite leaks from both Amarr and Minmatar militia sources that indicate that some kind of artifact had been found by the miners.  The rescued miners are currently being treated in the Fleet's medical facilities, and have been barred from speaking to the media.

The Fleet wrapped up its statement by paying tribute to the pilots of the Tribal Liberation Force, who have been fighting to keep Aset clear of enemy incursions in order to protect rescue efforts.