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Rescue Team Member: 'It is Hell Down There'

2009-03-10 - By Svarthol

SEYLLIN - Evacuation of the suffering population of Seyllin
I is likely to be the biggest humanitarian effort in
recent years. The assembled host of Federation,
Serpentis, CONCORD, ORE and independent vessels - an
unlikely sight under normal circumstances - is doing its
best to rescue as many as 500 million people from the
surface of the radiation blast-stricken planet.

Inkori Nadoux, a Federation Navy sergeant who spent the
last two and a half hours on Seyllin I, agreed to speak to
The Scope news team.

"We were dispatched to Seyllin as soon as the distress
calls started pouring in, and my team got deployed to a
residential spaceport in Southern Cross. Our task was to
assist the evacuation of a residential quarter that was
reportedly hit worse than the others."

"I've seen my share of fighting, but I have never
witnessed such nightmare. It is hell down there. But I have
this to say - I have also never witnessed so many different
people working together. I have seen a Serpentis MTAC squad
wading through pools of molten metal to rescue a bunch of
kids; I have seen people throwing themselves into the fire
to save complete strangers."

After two hours in Southern Cross, Sergeant Nadoux's team
was pulled back into orbit, suffering severe radiation
burns despite heavy protection. They had been confined to
the healthcare ward onboard CONCORD battleship Redoubt, but
they are not willing to rest.

"After we get our rad treatment, we are going back in."