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Research project raises controversies

2005-10-11 - By Svarthol

THE FORGE. Stirring once again the otherwise calm Caldari FTL comm channel, researchers required pod-pilots' logistic assistance.

As reported earlier this week, Mr. Vance and Mr. Stats are purchasing a few thousand units of Electronic Parts offering to pay roughly 40% above average market values.

Such good is legal and traded in vast amounts inside the Caldari State, yet their claims that the parts are to be used in an undisclosed “research project [that] is for [the] benefit of all of eve and not for destructive purposes” is meeting increasing hostility from an important number of Caldari citizens.

GalNet has been full of controversy and guess work about this project. Although there is no official confirmation so far, many pod-pilots have assumed this research effort is a “Crielere II” of sorts.

The fact that Mr. Stats is of the Intaki bloodline muddles the issue even further. Caldari pilots opposing any sort of cooperation with the Gallente Federation are voicing their concern, some of them even confusing Mr. Stats’ bloodline with his citizenship. Others have supported his efforts believing it is in the State’s best interests to pursue good relations with the Intaki.

State factionalism is also starring in this dawning scandal. The research facility is located in a Josameto station belonging to the Sukuuvestaa Corporation, well-know leader of the Practical Caldari faction. Although there is no proof as of yet of any connection between either Mr. Vance and/or Mr. Stats with SuVee, quite a few Citizens of opposed factions have already taken a defensive stance.

“Loyal Caldari [citizens should distrust] anything that wears the stench of the Practicals,” stated Patriot-leaning CAIN Commander Officer Dev Larren. “Integrity and honor is not their strong point and should they ever lead the direction of the State then all Caldari are doomed.”

SuVee executives have remained silent to these allegations.