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Resource Rebalancing in Odyssey: Numbers!

2013-04-26 - By CCP Fozzie


Hello again everyone. It feels like it was but moments ago when we last spoke.

This blog is intended as a companion to the main feature blog covering our resource balancing work in EVE Online: Odyssey. If you haven’t already read at least part of that blog this one will make little sense to you, so I highly advise you check it out here.

As I mentioned in the other blog, we are planning to make some very significant changes to resources, resource collection and industry in Odyssey. The details covered by this companion blog are focused on the changes to:

Tech Two Production and Moon Mining

Ore Composition

Ice Harvesting


Tech Two Production and Moon Mining

As the main blog outlined, we are implementing Phase Two of our long term plan for Tech Two Production and Moon Mining in Odyssey.

They key goals of Phase Two are the shifting a significant portion of the value from the moon mining system away from the relatively common (and regionally concentrated) Technetium and back to the rarest mineral types (R64), spreading that value more evenly among those four rarest minerals, and providing the EVE market another avenue through which to respond to price fluctuations more gracefully.

To reach these goals we are implementing a change to several aspects of the tech two production chain. We are adding two new intermediate materials (with associated reactions and alchemy reactions), four new composites, and adjusting the composition of the Microprocessors, Capacitor Units, and Reactors.

Bellow you will find the details of these changes. Please note that all names for the new materials and composites are placeholders.

Our new Intermediate Materials are:

ThuliHaf : 100 Thulium + 100 Hafnium = 200 ThuliHaf

ProMerc : 100 Promethium + 100 Mercury = 200 ProMerc

Both of these reactions will have alchemy versions as well:

100 Vanadium + 100 Hafnium =  1 Unrefined ThuliHaf = 40 Thulihaf and 95 Hafnium

100 Chromium + 100 Mercury =  1 Unrefined ProMerc = 40 ProMerc and 95 Mercury

Our new Composites are:

Gallentium : 100 ThulHaf + 100 Crystallite Alloy = 300 Gallentium

Matarium : 100 Neo Mercurite + 100 Fernite Alloy = 300 Matarium

Amarrium : 100 ProMerc + 100 Rolled Tungsten Alloy = 300 Amarrium

Caldarium : 100 Ferrofluid + 100 Titanium Chromide = 300 Caldarium

Changed blueprints are:

All Non Capital Microprocessors: 15(+3) Racial Carbides, 5(+4) Phenolic Composites, 2(-3) Nanotransitors, 2(+2) New Racial Composites

All Non Capital Capacitor Units: 24 Racial Carbides, 10(-5) Fullerides, 1 Nanotransistor, 2(+2) New Racial Composites

All Non Capital Reactor Units: 8 Racial Carbides, 0(-1) Ferrogel, 2(+1) Fermionic Condensates

All Capital Microprocessors: 1500(+300) Racial Carbides, 50(+40) Phenolic Composites, 20(-30) Nanotransitors, 20(+20) New Racial Composites

All Capital Capacitor Units: 2000 Racial Carbides, 1000 Fullerides, 10 Nanotransistors, 20(+20) New Racial Composites

All Capital Reactor Units: 800 Racial Carbides, 0(-10) Ferrogel, 20(+10) Fermionic Condensates

As these changes will bring the total usage of each R64 mineral into much closer balance, we will be seeding R64s into 227 existing moons in lowsec and 0.0, to bring the number of minable moons for each R64 into closer alignment.

Ore Composition

Another major area of focus for Odyssey is the composition of the ores found asteroid belts and mining sites across low and null security space. These changes are intended to spur nullsec entities to welcome more miners into their ranks, as well as provide adequate reward for those willing to brave the game’s most dangerous mining fields.

Below is a list of the affected ore types, with the amount of minerals that they provide for each refine volume. Changes are in brackets.

Arkonor: 10000 Tritanium (+9700), 166 Zydrine, 333 Megacyte

Bistot: 12000 Pyerite (+11830), 341 Zydrine, 170 Megacyte

Crokite: 38000 Tritanium (+37669), 331 Nocxium, 663 Zydrine

Dark Ochre: 25500 Tritanium (+25250), 500 Nocxium, 250 Zydrine

Gneiss: 3700 Tritanium (+3529), 3700 Mexallon (+3529), 700 Isogen (+357), 171 Zydrine

Spodumain: 71000 Tritanium (+67810), 9000 Pyerite (+8590), 140 Megacyte

Ice Harvesting

As mentioned in the main blog, we are planning to make significant changes to ice harvesting, moving supply from static belts into respawning anomalies, as well as doubling the speed of ice harvesters to increase yield over time.

Most systems that currently have ice belts will contain these new ice anomalies, with the notable exception of many systems in Amarrian, Khanid, and Ammatar high security space. Below I will list all the systems in high security space that will contain spawns of Clear Icicle.

Afivad, Agal, Avada, Bashakru, Chanoun, Dantan, Dihra, Erkinen, Esteban, Gamis, Gelhan, Gosalav, Jarzalad, Jerma, Kothe, Manatirid, Miah, Moutid, Ordion, Raravoss, Riavayed, Seil, Talidal, Warouh.

These will be the only high security systems that will contain Clear Icicle. All low-security and null-security systems that currently contain static ice belts, as well as all high security systems in Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar space that contain static ice belts, will contain the new ice anomalies.


As mentioned in the main blog, we are planning to increase the number of installations available in all player-built outposts, as well as increase the number of installations provided by outpost upgrades. There are no plans to change the special bonuses provided by outposts (such as manufacturing time bonuses) or the refining rates of outposts in Odyssey.

Only the changed stats are found below.

For the upgrades, listed stats are in the format of: Basic level benefit (change), Standard level benefit (change), Advanced level benefit (change).

Caldari Research Outpost

  • Manufacturing: 5 (+3)

  • Booster Manufacturing: 10 (+5)

  • Copying: 20 (+10)

  • ME Research: 20 (+10)

  • PE Research: 20 (+10)

  • Invention: 20 (+10)

  • Reverse Engineering: 30 (+15)

  • Offices: 18 (+10)

  • Caldari Factory Upgrade: 5(+2), 10(+5), 15(+8) Manufacturing lines

  • Caldari Lab Upgrade: 10(+5), 20(+15), 30(+21) Copying, ME, PE slots

  • Caldari Research Upgrade: 10(+5), 20(+13), 30(+21) Invention slots

  • Caldari Office Upgrade: 10(+7), 15(+10), 20(+13) Offices

Amarr Factory Outpost

  • Manufacturing: 50 (+30)

  • Booster Manufacturing: 20 (+10)

  • Copying: 2 (+1)

  • ME Research: 2 (+1)

  • PE Research: 2 (+1)

  • Offices: 16 (+12)

  • Amarr Factory Upgrade: 20(+15), 40(+33), 60(+51) Manufacturing lines

  • Amarr Plant Upgrade: 20(+17), 40(+35), 60(+53) Manufacturing lines

  • Amarr Lab Upgrade: 3(+5), 5(+13), 7(+21) Copying, ME, PE slots

  • Amarr Office Upgrade: 10(+7), 15(+11), 20(+13) Offices

Minmatar Service Outpost

  • Manufacturing: 5 (+3)

  • Offices: 10 (+4)

  • Minmatar Plant Upgrade: 10(+7), 15(+10), 20(+13) Manufacturing lines

  • Minmatar Lab Upgrade: 3(+1), 5(+2), 7(+3) Copying, ME, PE slots

  • Minmatar Office Upgrade: 5(+2), 7(+2), 10(+3) Offices

Gallente Administrative Outpost

  • Manufacturing: 10 (+6)

  • Booster Manufacturing: 20 (+10)

  • Copying: 4 (+3)

  • ME Research: 4 (+2)

  • PE Research: 4 (+2)

  • Invention: 2 (+1)

  • Offices: 36 (+12)

  • Gallente Plant Upgrade: 5(+2), 10(+5), 15(+8) Manufacturing lines

  • Gallente Lab Upgrade: 5(+3), 7(+4), 10(+6) Copying, ME, PE slots

  • Gallente Office Upgrade: 12(+7), 24(+17), 36(+27) Offices