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Retired Naval Officer Daren Fasio Announces Candidacy

2009-11-14 - By Svarthol

Dodixie - At a press conference outside his home, retired Federation Navy Rear Admiral Daren Fasio announced his entry into the upcoming Gallente presidential election. The 61 year old retiree, an ethnic Mannar and an unabashed hawk, was openly critical of the previous administration's conduct in the ongoing militia war with the Caldari. "By failing to fully and immediately mobilize the substantial economic and industrial power of this great Federation, President Foiritan has led our nation into a fool's war." Fasio elaborated, stating that "It's not that we can't beat the Caldari, it's that we refuse to try to our fullest potential. "

Fasio was equally critical of several of the other candidates, particularly Senator Vilard Garioss, whose pro-reconciliation agenda Fasio labeled a "platform of surrender." Fasio also criticized industrialist candidate Jacus Roden for refusing to comply with President Foiritan's invocation of the Heuromont Act. "If Roden cared less about his quarterly profits and more about the good of the nation, he'd have been eager to comply with the act. How can we ask our ordinary citizens to make sacrifices for the good of the Federation if our prominent leaders will not?"

If elected, Mr. Fasio has pledged to take a number of steps designed to put the Gallente Federation in a more aggressive stance. His plans include a renewal of the invocation of the Heuromont Act, the institution of a national draft, increased conversion of civilian manufacturing to military production, and a program of civilian rationing for critical war materiel. "War is hard, and if we mean to fight it, we should all be doing our part. It's not too late to reverse the course, but if we continue to fight with one hand tied behind our backs, we will surely suffer further defeats."